8800GTS (G80 96 stream) SLI vs new card

I'm looking to upgrade my graphics card and trying to decide between a second 8800GTS 640 MB for SLI (G80 with 96 stream processors) and a new GPU. My budget is 200 pounds.

Not sure what will help and what wont so here is what I have:
ASUS P5 N32-E SLI (SLI capable with 2* 16 PCI-e)
Q6600 (G0)
Ocz 700W Game X Stream (single rail so SLI and most GPU's should be ok)
4 Gb PC6400 RAM
Vista 64 Ultimate

I'm looking to play current demanding games (eg Crysis) and upcoming games at full detail at 1680*1050 with good framerates.

Any help/advice (preferably with links) would be appreciated. SLI seems to be the cheaper option but am I going to get much of an improvement (I've heard from 15% to 100% improvements??) or is it better to just go for a new card?
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  1. Get ATI HD 4870 or nN GTX 2160 Core 216
  2. I agree with salem80. I recently faced the same dilemma, with a rig very similar to yours,and finally decided to go with a gtx260 core 216. I found it for just $5 more than the standard gtx260 at tigerdirect.com. I am now running my old 8800gts as a physics processor with great success. And I can play at 1680*1050 with everything maxed out, even in most of Crysis. I am very happy I went this route, as adding another old 8800gts would never have netted ever close to the same performance. AS for the 4870, I did my research, and with your budget a Core216 is a better bet, but you couldn't go wrong either way. The 4870 currently has fan control issues you may have heard of, and with either choice, your PSU will be an issue to consider ( I have a 950w Coolmax running both cards for me now, upgraded from a 500w enermax as it didn't have the required amps on the 12v rail). Good luck!
  3. having first hand experience i had 2 8800gts 320mb were rapped by the gtx 260 core 216 even at the lower res's
  4. I'd think SLI 8800GTS 640MB should beat a single HD4870 or GTX 260 216 more often than not. What to go for depends on pricing/availability. If the price is right, I'd grab a second GTS. If it's more than an 8800GT or 9800GT, then you may want to go a different route.

    8800GT is quicker than the GTS 640MB, but look at how SLI 8800GT does in this review(check each game): http://www.anandtech.com/video/showdoc.aspx?i=3341&p=13
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