How to repair portable hardisk

My portable hardisk can be detected but cannot be access. it doesn't show up in "my computer". Anyone knows what is wrong with it?
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  1. Is this the first time you have used it, or did it just start doing this?
  2. Some USB drives have software to install but usually all work with Windows Explorer.

    You should try this hard drive on more than one computer.

    If there's a hardware problem then it would either be the case/electronics or the hard drive itself. Many USB drives are sealed.

    If worst comes to worst you could open the case and mount the hard drive.

    I need more information to help further such as:
    - IDE/PATA, or SATA drive?
    - USB and/or SATA connection on case?
    - Is it a sealed unit?
    - 3.5" or 2.5" (2.5" need no power adapter)
    - Name of drive (a Western Digital unit or a case you add your own drive to?)
  3. Right click computer, mange, disk management, you will see it in there and can format it to use it again. All data will be lost.
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