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i have my e8500 running at 3.8 with the fsb @ 1600....should i overclock the memory which is 4gb @ 800mhz...would it make any difference in gaming? my memory timings are 5-5-5-18
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  1. set the system 425fsb 1.47v on intel mobo cpuz should show 1.44v at full load on orthos

    set the memory to 5-5-5-15 to start and 2.1v

    run othos with memory only, cpu only and both

    lower latencies to 5-5-4 is possible try up to 450fsb
  2. timings do not matter if its good ram its all the same 5-5-5 1.9v = 4-4-4 2.1v

    typically higher volt is better but not always

    your memory should be 1:1 or 2:1 in cpuz

    at 450fsb your memory is ddr900 even if its ddr800 it will run it if you bought decent memory

    then run sandra mem bandwidth

    you get 6800-7200

    highest number is the best setting at the highest cpu speed

    choose higher mem bandwidth over slightly higher cpu speed
  3. well i dont really want to overclock my processor anymore i was wondering if i overclock the memory to like 1066mhz if it would make a difference and would i have to change the timings
  4. keep it 1:1

    if you got 400 run 4-4-4 try 2.05v

    running it at 450fsb is fine - i sell systems with 3 year warranty with 4.3ghz e8500 it runs fine if its a E0 - i take that back some do and some do not run othos to find the right fsb
  5. if you run the cpu at 1600 and the memory at 1066 they are out of syn and three is no good reason to do it. fsb 400 is optimal for memory at 4-4-4

    run sandra and see which is best try 5-5-5 1066

    but when you multitaks and they are out of syn you get a new latency
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