9600GT OR 3850? ? ?

SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 3850 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFire VS
EVGA GeForce 9600 GT 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready

The 9600 is ten bucks more at checkout, the same ar.
I dont have any more money and was hoping this would work for the next year and a half?
Or should i wait a bit longer for the official blackfriday sales?

My MB has a lock on 4x, will that effect the cards?
Manufacturer: ATi
Series: Radeon HD 3k
GPU: RV670
Release Date: 2007-11-15
Interface: PCI-E 2.0 x16
Core Clock: 668 MHz
Shader Clock: 668 MHz
Memory Clock: 828 MHz (1656 DDR)
Memory Bandwidth: 52.992 GB/sec
Pixel Fill Rate: 10688 MPixels/sec
Texture Fill Rate: 10688 MTexels/sec

Manufacturer: nVidia
Series: GeForce 9
GPU: G94
Release Date: 2008-02-21
Interface: PCI-E 2.0 x16
Core Clock: 650 MHz
Shader Clock: 1625 MHz
Memory Clock: 900 MHz (1800 DDR)
Memory Bandwidth: 57.6 GB/sec
Pixel Fill Rate: 10400 MPixels/sec
Texture Fill Rate: 20800 MTexels/sec
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  1. 4x speed is going to kill anything. But, the 9600GT is better. I think its barely weaker than the 8800GT.
  2. So is it still worth it? Or should I just get a slower card? There 65ar not bad at all. If its not going to perform right I could stick a 2600xt in there for 30 bucks.
    I could always upgrade the MB later but I need the card and a flat panel now!
    I dont really understand the process as to how it works so I have no idea of any way around it. Does it cut 3/4 of the total power of the card or is effecting the bandwidth? From what I understand they combined pci or agp slots to make a pci-16 thats really a pci-4...IDK

    People told me it wouldnt effect my x850xt and that's almost as powerful as these minus the features.

    I dont want to start a thread about this but I have a p520 2.8 800fsb and I have a 3.0 800 fsb. Since there the same chip almost can I switch them without reinstalling windows?
  3. yes 4x will bottleneck the cards. i believe increasing the pci-e frequency from 100mhz to maybe around 110-120mhz will help slightly relieve the bottleneck.
    the 9600gt is much better then the 3850, so i think 10$ more is worth it.
  4. dirtyp said:

    my x850xt and that's almost as powerful as these minus the features.

    LOL, these cards are much faster. But yeah that 4x slot will be a major bottleneck, even if you were to upgrade you probably wouldn't notice much of a difference.
  5. Ok so a couple of points that need covering,
    1 What is your screen size and screen size and resolution
    2 Last i heard at a set X4 on the PCIE slot the 3850 will totally thrash a 9600gt ATI cards use the available bandwidth way better than the Nvidia cards, please post any info that either proves or disproves this as its been a while since i have seen a decent review of this and things do change.
    3 The reason i ask about the size and resolution is have you considered A hd4670 ?

  6. The 4670 is roughly the same price and the performance isnt there.
    If im not going to see the performance then it might be ok since it hast dx 10.1 and shader 4.1. If thats the case though, why shouldnt I just get the 2600xt? its like 25ar...
    I can still play games like fallout 3 with my current card but NBA2k9 and a few others are all sm3.

    24" @ 1280 but thats a old 70 lbs crt... I dont know with a newer card and screen. Im looking at 19-22 lcds.

    P4520 2.8@3.18 - asrock 775 dual vista - x850xt -
    M-Audio Mobile Pre - 4GB 800 Ram only (3 visible)only supports 2 - 300 GB SATA - 600 Watt OCZ -
  7. Please post your full detailed computer specs.
  8. A 4670 is about as powerful as 3870 and a 9600gt destroys that also but the 4670 has some extra features like single slot cooling , no pci e power needed , dx 10.1 and hdmi sound. You better of with 9600gt.
  9. As i previously posted its about the bandwidth usage. Now i know these charts are a bit old and as i said its possable the Nvidia cards are better now, however personally without any evidence to say other wise i wouldnt want to take a chance.

  10. Ok thanx for the link mac. According to that link an ati card will be the safest bet on x4.
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