My Custom Pc has weird Problems

1. When i try to boot up my pc, it always takes a restart before it recognizes my monitor. Its not my graphics card because I had another one before and it did the same thing.

2. Sometimes my pc just shuts down randomly and i don't know why. Its just idle, not crashing because it is being pushed to the limit.

3. Every time windows starts up a little black screen that has two options comes up it says i can either boot XP Pro or Recovery Console. (This did not happen until recently)

4. I have also have recently started overclocking my components and when I do my Cpu is at 2.8 GHZ and my Ram is faster, but I do not notice any changes.

Plus, I don't think I'm getting the full potential of my graphics card. I only get about 140 fps running CSS and I just bought a new card. Also I can barely run Farcry1, which is a pretty old game. Ive tried messing around with drivers but nothing has worked. I think it might be my RAM, at least with my games.

I also have a 22" inch wide screen monitor

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Here are my Specs:

Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHZ
Nvidia Geforce 9800 GT
Win XP Professional 32Bit
2 gigs of Ocz RAM
Maxtor 500 Gig HD
Asus P5nsli Motherboard
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  1. A number of the problems could be caused by a bad PS -- what model number power supply do you have? Also, what model number CPU?
    It's always a good idea to make sure your hardware is working properly before installing the OS, as otherwise the OS can get corrupted (which may be what has happened with yours). Make sure memtest86+ runs without any errors overnight as a basic first test.
  2. My power supply is a Thermaltake W0100RU and my CPU is E6600. Whats this memtest your talking about?
  3. To Me it sounds like a BIOS Issue. Is this a custom PC ?
    Because if it is then i find it unusual to see a recovery option on startup unless you have installed some Backup software ie: ghost or acronis.

    What you need to check for is that you onboard video adapter is disabled in the bios (" If your Mobo has one ")

    I had a simillar issue but it was Memory Related where i had to swap the memory sticks around one at a time (" Take the sticks out and try em one by one at a time ")

    Hope this would resolve your issue.
  4. Problem #2: Go into the power options control panel and double check that ur system isn't set to go into hibernation mode or standby after a set time of being idle. Double check these same settings in ur BIOS, as they can accidentally be set there. Then let ur comp be idle for an hour or two. If it still shuts down, then u may have some kind of hardware problem.

    Problem #3. Go into the System Properties control panel. Click on the advanced tab, then click on the settings button in the Startup and Recovery area. In the window, make sure that "Time to display list of operating systems" is unchecked, and that the Default OS is set to "Windows XP Professional".
  5. Thank you revo8778! You solved that piece of the puzzle.
    Wait ztransporter, i looked through my BIOS and did not see how to disable my onboard video adapter.
    Can you give me a step by step?
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