ABIT Ai7 shuts down after POST

Hello, hoping someone here can give me some pointers...

I have a home-built system I put together about 5 years ago:

RAM: 512M (2x256) DDR400 PC3200
Processor: I forget, but it's an INTEL P4.. 2ghz? maybe? / OEM heatsink & fan
Display: Radeaon 9800SE 128m DDR
Drives: 2 WD caviar 80GB SATA - set up on a RAID 0
LAN/AUDIO etc all on-board

It's been running continuously all this time w/no issues. then the other day all of a sudden - with no one using it - it started going OFF-ON-OFF-ON-OFF... and then nothing... (and our cat was VERY interested in the case for some reason.. thought for a moment there was a *literal* bug in the system! lol)

couldn't get it to power up... no POST, no beep, no fans, nada.

I re-seated everything, stripped it down to the bare essentials, cleared the CMOS, all that... still nothing.

I went out and bought a new cheapie 450w ATX power supply from the local electronic hibbyist shop and put it in tonight..

now it will POST! I get one beep, the keyboard lights flash.. a few times it even made it to the BIOS splash page... and once I made it into the BIOS setup page..
but every time, sometimes instantly, sometimes after a few seconds.. it just shuts off.

MD POST display of 99. (end of shut-down)

Any ideas?

Unfortunately I don't have any spare DIMMs or display adapter, processor, etc lying around....

Question, part 2: I have a funky-fresh new system ready to rock n' roll... if I were to take my 2 old drives and plug them in and turn on the RAID on the new MB... will I be able to access that data? Everything I've found so far seems to say "no".

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

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  1. RAID controllers tend to be specific, so the one integrated into your current motherboard will likely not be the same as integrated into another, so usually integrated RAID setups are not portable.
    That's why it is advisable that if you use RAID then do it from a PCI/PCI-E add-in controller card, that way you can move the HDD setup to any system you like in the event of a motherboard failure.
    You can always try it, but its likely it won't work.
  2. update: installed new 512M PC3200 DIMM's tonight, system still shuts off after a second or two of operation...
    cleared CMOS again.
    same thing.

    Anyone? anyone? Bueller?
  3. Wouldnt post with old PS but does with the new? Sounds like the old PS fried and took the board with it.. Animals are better at hearing high frequency sounds like when capacitors are charged/discharged. Considering the age that this system would probably be, if you have never taken the cover off of the powersupply and blew it out you may have caused a thermal issue that killed it.

    On my home PC I dust it all every six months or less, inside the PC and powersupply... lot's of cooling is great, but it also brings lots of dust.

    Take board with essentials out of the case, lay flat on non-conductive surface. Only have the PS, mobo, CPU/cooler, memory and video card (or integrated if possible) attached (lol, along with a keyboard and monitor). test it, if it's a no go, then bye-bye... unless you have another cpu to test with.

    Only use 1 DIMM for testing, and switch it after a few tries. try different dimm slots.

    My condolences for your loss. lol

    As for the raid... buy a DVD burner and backup every year or less. It may be raid, but that doesnt mean it's any more reliable. In fact, considering it was RAID 0 you are looking at 2X the likelyhood of data loss... (kinda)
    I've never much been one for RAID, but perhaps there is some software that may allow recovery? if the data is a life or death situation, go on ebay and buy another copy of your board.
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