8600GT or HD2600XT? 512mb DDR3 or 256mb DDR4?

I had a Geforce 8600GT that I really liked, but it just went out. So, I want basically a similar card. An ATI HD2600XT is a good bit cheaper than any Geforce 8600GT I can find. Would an HD2600XT have about the same graphics as my old 8600gt? Also, what is the performance difference between the 512mb GDDR3 and 256mb GDDR4 models? I was looking at these two cards:


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  1. The HD2600XT will trade blows with your 8600GT (assuming it was a GDDR3 8600GT not a slower GDDR2 model). Performance without fsaa would be a bit better over, with fsaa a bit worse.

    The GDDR4 HD2600XT would be a little quicker as the memory is clocked at 2200MHz vs 1400MHz for the GDDR3 model.

    Looks like a possible chance to upgrade. The HD4670 will blow these two out if you have a bit more in the budget.

    If not, for $25 AR shipped free, that powercolor looks like a bargain.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I did mean the gddr3 version of the 8600gt. Would the HD2600XT GDDR4 be worth the extra $15 over the GDDR3 model? Is the difference noticeable?
  3. The difference may be 10% on average (rough estimate).

    Both versions are in these charts, although so few games tested.

    $15 isn't much, but percentage wise it is. If it were me, I'd either buy the cheap $25 card, or splurge for a 100% performance increase with the HD4670 for $65 AR. The HD4670 consumes little power and doesn't need a PCI-e power cable.

    Look at the 4670 here in same games:
  4. +1 for the 4670, if you have the budget for it. Like paul said, it will blow either of those cards you mentioned out of the water.

    The one paul linked is the one I've been recommending lately, best price after rebate and comes with a free game.
  5. Any chance you can increase budget by about $50-60? If so you could get a 9800GT


    ~$100 after MIR
  6. $50-60 may not seem like much money, but it over doubles the price. I don't game that much anyway. I'm gonna go with the HD2600XT with 512mb of GDDR3. Even if it turns out to be aweful, it was only $25 (or $40 if the rebate never comes).
  7. How about going with a faster 8600GTS or a 9500GT instead. If you can spend a few more bucks though a Radeon 4670 would be a heck of a lot faster.
  8. Well, I may have to go with something else, because my perceptive card just went to "Auto Notify" on newegg. What bad timing.
  9. You guys dont seem to understand its not what you want or need or think would be best for you, its for him. it sounds like the most FPS he needs is in bejewled. (sorry its just that my mom plays that game as much as i play ALL my games combined.)

    ANYWAYS i would say go for the ATI card you originally posted. or go with something with passive cooling for a quiet ride =P
  10. Quote:
    the most FPS he needs is in bejewled

    Actually, Bubble Shooter is my game of choice. The only real games I play are CSS of BF2. It's mostly for videos and general use in Vista.

    go for the ATI card you originally posted

    Unfortunately, someone beat me to it. Maybe I shouldn't have posted the link in this forum. (That was a paranoid joke)
  11. It's back in stock already.
  12. I own HD2600XT 512 MB DDR4 OC version.

    I noticed that it is better then 8600GTS and 7900GS, which i both had not long ago, what of course means it should trash 8600GT.
  13. megamanx00 said:
    How about going with a faster 8600GTS or a 9500GT instead. If you can spend a few more bucks though a Radeon 4670 would be a heck of a lot faster.

    Wrong, 8600GTS is not fatser over HD2600XT DDR4, because i had them both and they were very even in games and in 3DMARK HD2600XT was superior.

    Also 9500GT, if it is a DDR2, then it is a piece of trash, weaker than 7600GT, that should be avoided at all costs.
    If it is a DDR3, then it trades blows with HD2600XT DDR4 or 8600GTS.
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