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I have an ASUS M4A77TD mb and I have gotten my 965 BE stable at 3.75ghz... but will crash at 3.8 even... vcore and all voltages in bios are set to "auto". And I am not able to change any of their values. I was wondering how I am to go about editing the vcore and whatnot in bios?
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  1. Change "Auto" to "Manual" or whatever option it has that is not Auto.
  2. That's the thing... I can't find a way to set voltage to manual. I have all the speeds set to manual. Like speeds when selected is highlighted white. But voltage only parenthasis are white but the word auto is blue.. like I can't select it.
  3. although i dont usually recomend this.... Amd has a free program that you can use to overclock your processor in "real time" its called overdrive... this program will allow you to adjust your voltage.
  4. Yeah.. that came on my asus disc.. I just don't really feel safe software overclocking.. I would much rather hardware oc. It has to be possible somehow I would think.. cuz when your hovered over vcore in bios the description says adjustments made in .0625 by + & - . Its just I can't take it off auto.. lol
  5. yea im not sure why that is... maybe your version of bios... maybe you need a bios flash.
  6. like i said though you could just use the program to turn the voltage up and do everything else manualy.
  7. Yeah.. I can try a bios update.. I'm not sure which version I have.. because temp wise I'm okay but the auto voltage hasn't gone above 1.42 and on 3.8 it crashes every time
  8. yea your voltage should probably be higher but be carefull at that much voltage you dont fry the chip!!!
  9. What woukd be a safe max voltage for a 965 125w?
  10. khoranic, I have the 965BE on an MSI790FX gd70 and have the exact same issue, the voltages are set to auto and there is no way to select manual, or any other way to select the voltages, I have been scanning forums and youtube for a solution but have yet to find one, I have OC'd through BIOS and am currently in hour 4 of testing at 3.88ghz and stable so far, I got over 4.1 but was unable to hold stability, looking to increase voltage to find the sweetspot. I'll hit you up if I find a solution for accessing the voltage change options.
  11. Okay thanks. I'm stable at 3.75 if I hit 3.8 even it'll crash in prime95 in about 2-3 hours
  12. Okay I updated bios to 0316 and I'm now able to adjust voltage. Now here's something I'm confused by... I can now run 3.8 stable at 1.44v vcore but no matter what I do I cannot clock any higher.. my 100% load temps at 3.8 are 43-45c it varies. My idle temp is 32c at 3.8.... so it is def not a temp issue. I have gone stable on 3.91 for a max of 2 hours then BSOD. Any input on what my issue may be is greatly appreciated.
  13. i also have the msi 790fx-gd70 mobo.. all you have to do to adjust the voltages is use the + and - on the numberpad. it tells you and the one also wrote it in his reply. from what i have read a safe voltage with good air cooling is 1.55vcore. right now at 1.4vcore i run stable at 3.8GHz.
  14. haha i am too having that same issue on my mobo and cpu. i can get perfectly stable at 3.8GHz and anything over 3.81GHz its not. its also not a temp issue for me and i have tried to adjust just about every voltage there is. no luck. even at 1.5vCore i still cant get past 3.8GHz stable
  15. I actually just got 3.917 stable on 15 hours of prime95...

    200 CPU Clock
    1.52v VCore
    1.35v CPU to NB
    2600NB Clock
    2000 HT Clock
    1.25v NB/Chipset Clock

    Im running 32c on idle and 47c on 100% load
  16. thats great man. ill have to give something along that a try. i tried to up those voltages b4 but i didnt have any luck. some other ppl may be telling me its my mem so i think i might try and loosen the timings a little.
  17. If you are unable to use the Arrow keys to change the settings / Functions then try this way,
    Next to the Zero key you will have two buttons Minus and next to that Plus ,
    If you want to change the voltage / Function up hold the Shift Button And then press the Positive Key ,
    To move the voltage / Function down you do not need to hold the shift button just press the Negative Key,

    I hope this solves your Problem And Releaves you of your Angst And Frustration in this Situation,

    The way i Found this out was because my Nephew Purchased a MOBO and i felt like hitting the Damn thing,
    Tried different Keyboards Aswell ,
    I think its a Feature That some Manufacturers have used to try and catch the Clockers Out,

    P.S Let Me Know If this works For you
  18. as your 100% temp is amazing. hmm..what cooler are u using and fan
  19. Hey I have a AMD AM2 athlon x2 @3.0GHz and a wattage of 125w as defualt by manufacturer and my mobo is a biostar a770 a2+ and i have my bios fully updated now uhm wat voltages should i run for a safe and stable overclock? I got a COOLER MASTER Hyper N 520 RR-920-N520-GP 92mm Sleeve CPU Cooler and my current idle temp is 27C which i hear is really good for my cpu and i was told that i should b able to get 3.8ghz on that but im unsure of wat im supposed to set my voltages 2. Even on 100% load i never gotten out of the 30s in my temps. Maybe i should send in sum current benchmarks so u guys can help me out. Thanks in advance :)
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