Question about Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 1tb internal HDD

I was just wondering if removing the jumper from this drive will make it any faster? I know with the 7200.11 version of this HDD you can remove the jumper for increased speed. is it the same with this one?? Anyone out there who owns 1 of these bad boys and have done this and noticed a speed boost please let me know. I really dont wanna wreck my drive. Thanx guys.
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  1. If u put the jumper in 1 and 2 pins,It will reduce your hdd speed to 1.5GB/S.If u remove that jumper ur hdd will came back to 3gb/s speed.So be sure that the jumper setting is correct.and the 1.5GB/S and 3GB/S will have a massive increase in performance!
  2. I bought a Seagate harddrive a while ago and you do have to remove those jumpers to get the SATA II speed of 3gb/s, or else you will use it in SATA I 1.5gb/s like Aneesh has mentioned. This is to make sure it is compatible with older motherboards who can only handle SATA I.

    This was all explained in my manual which came with the drive. Perhaps you should have a look.
  3. Don't expect a doubling of performance ....reads from cache will benefit but with the maximum physical speed of the HD being about 150 MB/sec, the SATA interface won't have thta drastic an effect as you might imagine. SSD's now are a different story.
  4. ok thanks ya i bought the drive from a little pc store here in indiana and my drive never came with a manual. i will remove the jumper and see if that helps. I would love an ssd but no way am I gonna pay that amount of money for a little drive that will make my boot time faster. i will just wait until they become the norm which I am sure will happen in the next couple of years. Damn technology i can never keep up or I would have no money left in my bank account. LOL.
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