what graphic card work work best for a 40" lcd tv

i purchased a hp computer and it has a nvidia 9500 gs card - it is a pretty weak card and im looking to upgrade. i have a 9550 phenom amd processor and a asus m2n68-la mobo. also would be nice if the graphics has a hdmi connection. my pc supports up to 350w. i don't care whether its nvidia or ati just want something that is going to be able to play any game i throw at it.

any suggestions would help.
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  1. Well, i would suggest the ATI Radeon 4670 it has an HDMI adapter and should play most games on med/high settings. You could spend a little more on a bigger PSU to go for the 9800 GTX or 4850 but your current PSU is to weak to handle those cards. My suggestion would be to stick with the 4670 as it does not require a power connector.
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