Building a budget system

I'm a novice user looking to build a budget system but i want to squeeze the most bang from my buck. im looking to pay about $400 USD ($650 AUD)

I use my computer for work, music, videos and general multitasking. Im a light gamer, but i still want to be able to run say, COD4 on high settings and be set for playing games for the next few years.

The following is a list of parts i'm considering (The prices are in Australian dollars). I need you guys to fill in a few blanks and evaluate what ive got so far. You can call me a complete idiot and change everything ive chosen if you like :P

$200 AUD

$85 AUD

Tell me what you think of any of those or recommend something else. I was thinking of the kingston 2Gb stick for $45.

Help me choose. Take into account i need an IDE slot.

Help me choose. Take into account ill be running two harddrives.

Not too important, but help me decide.

I'm set for a HDD with a Samsung 500Gb 7200rpm 16mb cache SATA. Ill also be running a 80Gb Western Digital IDE at the same time.

Take a look around that site and tell me if there's anything that would fit what i need. Or else, just recommend components from anywhere and ill do my best to find them in my local area.

-Thanks heaps!
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  1. Is there a halfway decent On-Line Store in Australia?
    The part selection there is quite bad.

    For Example - I was trying to find an ATI 4670, but not luck..........
  2. We've had links before to Aus sites, but I don't have one now.

    In general look for a P43 chipset motherboard.
    That works well for both case and PSU

    Just don't buy memory from that site. They do not give enough info.
  3. What should i look for in terms of buying a motherboard and what are the differences between the chipsets? Also, do you think my chosen processor is overkill in terms of what i need my computer to do? Taking into account i hardly EVER upgrade my machines, so what i buy now is probably what ill have a few years down the line.

    Also, you guys dont have to stick to the ccpu website. I just use it because they sell some pretty cheap parts. You can recommend any parts you want, and ill hunt around for them.
  4. How will my performance differ when running windows off an IDE vs. a SATA harddrive? If there is no difference, then i may just keep running windows off my IDE and using my 500gb sata as storage. If the difference is significant, then i may buy an 80gb SATA and use my 500gb sata and 80gb ide as storage.
    Is that a good idea?

    Also, how's this for a case and PSU? The antec one on the other website is a little over my budget unfortunately.
    Is that PSU likely to be enough to support 2 or 3 hdds?
    If not, then there's always:
  5. Most PSUs that come in cases are junk, dangerous junk. The best deal on a good PSU/case I could find for you is here:

    That looks to be the best place to shop for you as well.

    I would recommend that one over the Cooler master you linked. An EA380 beats a Cooler Master 460W (If that is what is actually in that case). However, if for some reason you can't get the Antec, the Cooler Master will do.
  6. Proximon - this is a noob question, but do you need a different MOBO when using a nvidia card as opposed to an ATI one?
  7. For a single card? Nope. Any PCI-E slot will do. Best to get an Intel chipset though as they are more stable.
  8. Thanks i thought so - I must have got mixed up over the nvidia and intel chipsets instead...
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