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Hello all im going all out on this comptuer gonna cost around $7000 im going wit the new Asus Mother board the X58 but im wanting to get some sick performance outta the main 30" monitor. im gonna be running 2 4870x2s on the MB for the 30" but i wanna add two 20"s could i add another 4870x2 for those two monitors? there are 3 PCIE Slots on the b oard. if i cant or if there is a better way could yall plz help me out thx.
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  1. Save 6K of that 7K for school and get yourself a fine PC for 1K.
  2. what would be that route that u would take? building a gaming computer from the ground up?
  3. wrong forum to ask for pre-built computers

    BTW, hard core gamers don't go over one monitor :na: unless your like a flight sim fan

    and don't spend more than at MOST 3000$ on a system... they save that extra 4 k for games :na:
  4. Yep, go check out the homebuilder forum and build yourself a God-box for less than $2-3,000.

    As for running three 4870x2's, can't say I've come across anybody trying this yet on the X58's but then I don't know if there's any drivers out there that would support it (ie make it even slightly worth while:) ). You might have better luck finding that out over at the boards.
  5. I think two of ATI HD 4870X2 Enough to beat any game on the Planet
    HD 4870X2

    This is test of one card

    Crysis WARHEAD


    So you can Play on Ultra HD resolution 2560X1600
    Thats Maximum res u can get from highest HD LCD monitor .

    and use the latst CPU Power with Intel Core i7 920 or 940 with ASUS P6T Deluxe
    Intel Core i7 920 2.66GHz
    ASUS P6T Deluxe
  6. For the record, with 2 video cards you can run 4 monitors.

    (I think it's a **** thread anyway...)
  7. bragger alert!!
  8. Lol.

    Seriously, do a little research, realize that you can get a killer rig for under $3000, and save the rest for upgrades/new computer in a few years.
  9. You have the right idea. Just get a triple PCI Express16 slot board. You really shouldn't need to spend but $3000 tops.
    Here's a little help for anyone else interested in setting up Multiple Monitors.

    The Three main ways to Setup Multiple Monitors

    1) You can buy a pre-manufactured multiple monitor computer. The best place to purchase a multiple monitor computer is at: They carry a multi-monitor computer line called SUPER-PC that can support from 2 to 12 monitors.

    Multi-Screen Computer Systems

    Multiple Monitor LCD Displays

    2) You can get a USB to VGA Adapter, or USB to DVI Adapter that will allow you to add an extra monitor to your computer
    via any USB2.0 Port. You can also add multiple extra monitors by using multiple adapters. This is a great option for viewing
    documents, surfing the web, using Microsoft Office and many other business tasks. This is not a good option for intense
    graphical situations such as HDTV, Blu-ray, Gaming and 3D / CAD Workstation applications. For those types of scenarios,
    it is highly recommended that you purchase a high-powered multi-monitor workstation or a Matrox Dual or Triple Head2Go.

    Multiple Monitor Adapters

    3) You can replace or add an extra video card to your existing computer, depending on how many monitors you wish to support.
    Although this sounds easy enough, this is a rather complex solution for a beginner, especially when trying to find a compatible
    graphics card. For this reason, I am going to write an entirely seperate post on that topic and will link to it here, very soon.

    Multi-Monitor Graphics Cards

    Once you have your multiple monitor system set up and ready to use, you will need to enable all of your monitors in
    your “Display Properties” Control Panel. Here is a great link to a complete and animated walkthrough of how to enable
    your multiple monitors in Windows.

    How to Setup Multiple Monitors (Instructions)

    This is what it will look like when you are done:

    Multi-Monitor Video Demo 1
    Multi-Monitor Video Demo 2
  10. ^^ you are aware this thread is over 1 year old?
  11. And you know the post you're replying to is 9 months old, while his reply was only 5 months later !?! :pfff:
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