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I just got an Asus G72 with the Core 2 Duo {P8700 2.53 GHZ} and GeForce GTX 260M {1GB}. I have never overclocked before, but was interested in trying to overclock the CPU & GPU. I was wondering if anyone could post instructions as to how to do this. I have a thermeltake notebook cooler with a 120mm fan, so cooling shouldn't be an issue. Any ideas or help would be appreciated.
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  1. You can not overclock very far with a laptop. There just isnt enough cooling. Not to mention the bios isnt up to snuff for it, and the power regs are crap.

    You would be better off just leaving it alone, but if you really wanted to overclock then you can only do it through windows using setFSB.
  2. I just realized that Asus includes an overclocking utility with this system. With this utility the CPU overclocks to 2.88GHZ.

    I downloaded the Nvidea performance tools. I overclocked the GeForce GTX 260M to 550/950/1375. Think I could go further?

    These changes jumped my FPS in WoW from 45 FPS to over 70 FPS {at ultra settings with 1600x900 Resolution with 8x multisampling}
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    To be honest, although you COULD push it farther you probably SHOULDN'T.

    What kind of temps are you getting when overclocked?

    Even though I'm a fan of Asus' ROG line, Laptops don't dissipate heat as well as their desktop brothers and keep in mind that you won't get the same cooling effeciency you would on a desktop (Shroud cooling).
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