DRAM Voltage greyed out.

Hey there, I just bought some new RAM, PC6400 OCZ Gold Edition stuff, and after checking that my motherboard supports the frequency and amount, I ordered it, it arrived and I went to install it, however, when the RAM is in, my computer powers on, but nothing appears on my monitor and it reboots after a short while, this cycle continues, never managing to actually get into Windows.

I put in my old RAM and everything is fine again, I can get into Windows.
I check the RAM specs and apparently it needs 1.9V, but my Motherboard appears to be giving it 1.8V, I thought this might be the problem, my RAM not getting enough power, but I can't seem to change it at all, the option is greyed out and pressing the +/- keys does nothing at all.

My motherboard can definitely give that much voltage as the max can be set to over 3V apparently.

I was wondering if there was a way to activate it, do I need to press something? Flash my BIOS? Or will this RAM simply not work? :(

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  1. If you state what brand and model your motherboard is then someone may be able to help.
  2. That might have been a good idea of me yes, but it's ok, I solved the problem by fiddling around. Thanks for checkin in on the thread anyway.
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