what graphics card should i buy.... some help please!

I currently am running:
900watt power
amd 6400+ 64 bit athelon black edition
Geforce 7900 GT
2x OCZ DDR2 1gig
vista 64
19" monitor

my budget is around $270-$320
since i started out with nvidia...i kinda am a sucker and want to stick with them. i have narrowed my choices to the geforce 260+ (xtreme overclock version) or the geforce 9800 GX2. Which one should i choose, or should i just go to the other side with AMD? And if NVIDIA... are these the two that i should be comparing.

I want the product that can offer the best in graphics performance that will stay good for the longest time available. Help me please, thanks.
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More about what graphics card please
  1. well your only at a 19" monitor so thats 12x10 resolution so id say if you want to play games maxed with filters go with a 9800GTX/GTX+. either one will serve you greatly, i own all 3, GTX+ and GTX 260-216 and a 9800GX2, i love them all (the GX2 is in my second rig), they all are great cards. i have SLI 9800GTX+ at the moment but next month (on the 1st of dec) im buying a new mobo and another GTX260-216 to SLI those. but out of the 2 if you really want to spend that much id say go for the GTX260-216 but i would buy the stock version and overclock it manually to match the "xtreme overclocked card" that way you save a few bucks. you could get SLI 9800GTX as they only cost about $120-$160 per card. that would equal the price of the stock GTX260-216 or a 9800GX2 and you would get more performance as SLI 9800GTX > 9800GX2 > GTX260-216 (although its really close between the SLI 9800GTX and the 9800GX2 but GTX SLI has slight advantage). of course SLI can only happen if you have a SLI mobo but even if you dont have a SLI mobo, technically the 9800GX2 is SLI but in one card that will work on crossfire boards and have SLI. sorry for long post but im just trying to help, but out of the original 2 you chose the 9800GX2 is more powerful at your resolution than the GTX260-216. and since its a low resolution turning on filters will not hurt your framerate as at higher resolutions., but the GTX260-216 will be better for the longer time because the 9800GX2 is slowly being phased out.
  2. GTX 260 216 would be my preference, should last you awhile. Considering you have a 19 inch monitor 260 would be a more than enough.
  3. thanks... that helps a lot. I think i am going to try and use the 260. just need to make sure that the mobo has the sli slot, i forgot what slots it had when i built it. and the whole reason i want to get something that is gonna perform great is because my next step is to get a 24" monitor, i didn't see the point in getting a monitor when i couldn't max out graphics on it.
  4. 4850 has been way cheaper than the gtx260 lately.
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