Mcp72/mcp78 audio problem

Hi All, New to this Forum. I have just formatted my hard drive and re installed windows XP professional with service pack 3. I used the Nvidia mcp72/mcp78 series utilities DVD which came with motherboard to re install all drivers and I cant get my audio to work.

In device manager under sound, video and games controller there are these 5 items each says "device is working properly"

Audio codec
Legacy audio driver
Legacy video capture driver
Media control devices
video codecs

When I look in the sound, audio devices properties it says there are no devices

Any help / ideas greatly appreciated Thanks Chris
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  1. Start-Run type services.msc, click Standard button, click name to sort by name, look for Windows Audio, make sure click properties, set to Automatic and Start it.
    Go back to sound and select device, if that was the problem.
    If onboard sound, make sure onboard sound enabled in Bios. If PCI soundcard, make sure onboard sound disabled in Bios.
    Re-install audio driver only, does not show up and it should even if disabled or not functioning properly.
  2. Thanks Cyberat_88, I checked those items as you have suggested and all were correct. I ended up uninstalling drivers and downloading updated drivers for my board from the Gigabyte site. All working well now.
  3. audio error :there are no active mixer devise available to install mixar devies ,gotocotrol panel ,click printers and other hardware and then click add hardware.
    this program will now close
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