What do u think o my latest build ?

Here`s a list of all the bits ive bought recently :

Cooler Masta CM690
OCZ 500w Stealthstream
OCZ Reaper 4GB 1150mhz
BioStar Tpower I45
Intel E8400
Thermalright Ultra 120 extreme
Nv 8800GTS

I cant begin to tell you how well this system over clocks; i took the cpu up to 4+ GHZ with such ease it was frightening, and the core voltage didnt go above 1.24v and it ran as stable as a rock whilst being stressed with Prime 95 for 2 1/2 hrs with no sign of any problems. I have since dropped it back down to 3.6ghz which im happy with; i could go well beyond 4ghz but i would need better cooling like water or an air freezer and i have every confidence it could hit 5ghz no probs.

I usually buy my parts over the internet 1 at a time because i have to save up, and some of my parts are recent upgrades for my old computer so now i have 2 computers with decent spec.
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  1. Looks good! I haven't heard a bad word for that MB yet. Maybe it's time Biostar got more attention.
  2. nice build mate :)

    i hope you wont have troubles with what power supply.

    from my own experience I have q6600@3.4ghz + ati 4850 and my 530w psu wont let me oc my 4850 higher than 650/1040 ;//

    when i ran q6600 at stock I could oc it to 690/1180 and it was stable :p

    damn psu need to get better one xP
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