5zj3x8y4 is it under warranty

cud u plz check for me if the following serial num is still under warranty. seagate hdd 320gb.
serial num is 5zj3x8y4.
plz reply to bernard@aesoftware.co.za

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  1. You could probably help yourself by going to seagates website and doing this by yourself.
  2. To be followed by - Ill send you a check to cover the repairs and keep the rest after sending my back $20

    He can find Toms but he cannot find Seagate?

    I hope my email is blocked here...
  3. vvhocare5 said:

    He can find Toms but he cannot find Seagate?..

    have you tried google lately? Type anything regarding hardware and Tom's wil appear first, before even the hardare manufacturer's site... :lol:

    That shows how much Tom's rocks :wahoo: [:lectrocrew:5]
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