Razer Baracuda vs. Creative Pro headset

I am so torn as to which to choose, the Razer or the Creative Pro...I am most concerned with comfort and sound quality. Is it true that the Baracuda has a built in amp but the Creative one does not? Is it really worth the price difference? How would either work with a creative labs soundblaster audigy card until I can upgrade? I am using this primarily for World of Warcraft which I play for many hours at a time.

Jenn :)
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  1. Hi Jenn.

    It sounds like you had a similar question to me. I too play WoW for sometimes extended periods of time.

    I bought the Barracuda... After about 3-4 hours my ear do start to get sore.

    The microphone is very good and people say that they can always hear me clearly.

    The 5.1 is very good but I must say I had problems setting it up correctly with my Creative X-Fi card and I have ended up plugging it into my onboard audio card - this seems to do with setting up of the volumes (as you have control of rear, bass, centre and front independantly - as a hint turn them all down and increase the front and bass first, then the rear and centre till comfortable. Remmeber if you play with the card driver setting and listening to music you need to quit your music app and restart it to hear your new settings). But the biggest thing was that halps is to have bass redirection control on your sound card (which on Vista my X-Fi doesnt but my onboard did). It would be worth checking this in your sound card settings.

    The barracuda does have a built in amp/volume control with on/off switch and pretty blue lights... the cable is also VERY long.

    I like them, there are mixed reviews online for them, some people critisising build quality but I think they were just careless in looking after them. They seem pretty good to me!

    Again though, sound quality is good when set up correctly, positional audio is also not bad (for headphones) the mic is excellent BUT they do make my ears sore after a while (then again I think anyone would be hard pushed to find a pair of headphones that DONT do this after 3 or 4 hours...). If you ears sit very close to your head then you should be ok as I think if they touch the inside of the headphone cups it will make them sore.

    Hope this helps! I have used the creative ones so cant pass judgement on them. Would I say the barracuda's are worth the money... it is touch and go to be honest...

    Good luck!

  2. oh and they work with having 3 3.5mm jacks that deal with the channels independantly from your Audigy/X-Fi/On board sound card. So when you set them up in windows treat them like you would a 5.1 speaker set and do not select headphones (in control panel etc...)
  3. The HP-1 does have some comfort issues, but damn, I like the volume control actually allowing me to make things LOUD!
    Still, I'd recommend the newer Razer Megalodon over the Barracuda HP-1.
  4. Sennheiser HD-555 Audiophile Headphones

    The sound quality of these blows away any gaming headphones on the market...they are not 5.1 but combined with X-Fi sound position/direction is perfect. They don't need an external amp and will run perfectly off of your sound card or even your ipod.


    I have a pair and I would HIGHLY recommend I have worn them for 5-6 hours at a time and they are so comfortable I don't even know that I have them on (i wear glasses when i am on the pc for extended hours)

    These are just about the best headphones you can buy @ the $100 price point

  5. I recently started using the HP1 headphones. The two issues that bother me are: 1) swapping back to speakers requires unplugging the headphones and plugging in the speakers. Not a lot of work, but the back of my computer is hard to get to; and 2) if you wear glasses, the pressure from the headphones gets pretty uncomfortable quickly.
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