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Update @ Livin-It-Up January 1, 2005

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January 2, 2005 3:10:29 AM

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Update January 1, 2005

Happy New Year! We wish you and yours all the best in the coming year. For
us, hey, I'm happy to see we made the new year and can only hope we're here
to see you through a few more. We've big hopes for the coming year at
Livin-It-Up, much the same goals we've always had, simply to offer the best
items and the best site we can to some of the best people we know, you, our
visitors, our benefactors, our supporters. And, on behalf of the entire
site, we thank you for the part you've played not only in the past year, but
in years gone by as well in making Livin-It-Up the site you now see.

We kick of the new year with a visit from John Adaone. John's been
semi-retired(translates to a bright young man with a big future deciding
there's priorities at his age much larger than Livin-It-Up) for a while now,
still drops in to say hi and such. Hearing about our recent financial
crisis, John decided to step up, temporarily come out of his retirement and
lend a hand with a great new donor set. And, seeing this set, it's a pity
he's no longer a regular around here, it's a beauty. A nice living room/den
group in dark wood, I'd call it a modern styling with an antique touch.
Sofa, coffee table, end table, lamp, wall lamp, decorative shelves, plant,
painting, and wall included. Truly a nice set we're proud to offer. Thanks

New year, plenty of new around Livin-It-Up this update for sure. How about
some Sims2 houses? Eight new houses with which to open this new section of
the site. And, as for new, how about a new home builder as well. Join us in
welcoming Similis to the Livin-It-Up staff. Actually, for us she already
seems like an old timer, she joined us mid last update just a bit late for
that update, and has been patiently waiting for her items to appear on the
site, and already starting to fit right in with the rest of the nuts in the
can. We welcome her and her first creations to the site. There's the "Frost
Family Home", the "Family Home", the "Spacious Mansion", the "Suburban
Home", the "Dream Mansion", "Spacious Brick Home", the "Cute Country Home",
and the "Cute Comfy Home", all just waiting to find a home in your

Not done yet, plenty more new since last update. Some of you may have
noticed that last week, without an update or announcement, we opened a few
new sections of the site. Sims2 walls, floors, and ground cover. People have
wanted new walls and floors especially since the game released, and we were
eager to get some out to you. These items and many more new ones are
available in this update. ninety-three new walls, sixty-nine new floors, and
ten new ground cover by Bluegenie2, Nada, NorthernKat. Also, a new
subsection to floors has been added for rugs which we open with twenty-three
fine examples from Bluegenie2.

And, wrapping up the Sims2 portion of our update, two great new re-colored
objects, a loveseat and bed, both in blue by Bluegenie2 and in the BodyShop
section, a single blue skin tone by BlueJeans. LOL, feels like I could
almost paraphrase that sentence as "blue".

Back in the world of The Sims, no we haven't forgotten nor neglected The
Sims, and have no intention to. Mhari offers two great new sets, the
"Meadowgrass" set, a nice light wood and floral living room grouping, and
the "Village" set, a gorgeous set of windows with a great combination of
tinted and clear glass set in light wood. Also from Mhari, a lamp and a few
bits of clutter for around the house(she'll need a few hundred more of these
to meet the clutter in my house I'd think).

Don't worry NASCAR fans, Ohmikeghod didn't forget you this time. We've again
got another of his great NASCAR creations. This time it's 2004 Raybestos
Rookie of the year, the #9 Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge driven by Kasey Kahne.
Fifty days(would you all think me really nuts if I said 50 days, 1 hour, 21
minutes, and 8 seconds till the flag drops at the time I'm writing this?)
till the Daytona many are already watching old tapes, motorcycles,
even boat races just for a fix? Ok, yes, I am nuts I suppose, if I mentioned
having an 8mm projector with reels from Daytona in the 70's...ok, enough of
my withdrawls.

Who's sick of winter? That's rhetorical by the way, really not looking for a
slew of emails with answers.... But, if you're sick of winter, our walls
section is a definite burst of Spring this update. Beautiful pastels and
floral patterns by Mhari and Ohmikeghod, thirty-three in total, will
certainly brighten those dull winter days.

Rounding out our The Sims section of the update are nine new shingled roofs
in an assortment of natural tones and color by Mhari.

Assuming my feeble mind hasn't skipped a few, that's a total of two hundred
and sixty-four new goodies for your game plus a donor set.

Come about this time each year since the site has been around, I always tell
myself I'm going to make a list here and publicly thank folks who've been
involved with the site, give everybody deserving some form of thank you.
Fact is that this year like every past year, I come to realize that there's
just too many people that either actively play a part in this site, or have
in the past to even begin such a list. There truly are a lot of people that
make what we do here possible, and all deserve thanks. Even more are the
list that make doing what we do worth doing, and that list includes you. So,
as much as I'd like to personalize things and thank everybody by name, to
even break down a list of those directly involved over time would be a near
impossible task. Leaves me with this one option... Thank you to all, even
the smallest effort does not go unnoticed, even the one time visitor here we
thank you. We enjoy what we do, but without all you, your support, the
dedication of the staff here, even the one time visitor, without all of
that, Livin-It-Up is little more than bytes on a server somewhere. From
myself personally, thank you to our staff, we don't always agree on
everything, but in the end I believe we all have the same goal, to be the
best we can. Together I think we've done well in reaching that goal and
continuing to work toward it. On behalf of all of us here at Livin-It-Up, to
our visitors, thank each and every one of you. Sure, we could create for our
own games, but what fun is that? You guys make what we do fun, worth doing,
and drive us to do better. To our friends, affiliates, hell, to anyone in
The Sims community willing to listen, thank you ALL!

Finally, this update brings some site changes as well. Most are subtle
changes you may or may not notice, mostly bringing some of the The Sims
sections current with new scripts built for the Sims2 sections. Alas,
Internet browsers have this nasty little thing called cache aka temporary
internet files. Often this can mean that the page you are actually viewing
isn't coming live off our site, but rather is stored locally on your PC.
This can of course cause issues. If you should experience any issues, please
clear your temporary internet files, restart your browser, and try again.
99% of the time, this is sure to be your issue. If you continue to have
issues, please, I'd love to correct them, let us know. Additionally,
webmasters who insist on linking directly to inner content pages, we grew
again, links you're using *may still work, but are likely to soon be
breaking as the outdated pages you'll now be linking to are removed. New
sections, updates to old sections, seriously, about 3/4 of the site is in
some form or another changing this update. I'm good, but certainly not
perfect, can only hope I didn't miss a detail somewhere. If you experience
issues, please check for a cache problem, then drop a note in our forum.

The Staff,

~~ Proudly Affiliated With ~~
Persimmon Grove
Mermaid Cove
January 3, 2005 5:25:05 PM

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Cravze - wrote:
> Update January 1, 2005
> Happy New Year! We wish you and yours all the best in the coming year.
Snipped descriptive description.

And a Happy New Year to all from this poster,
Another fine update, I'm so glad LIU is beginning to include content for
Sims2, everything looks wonderful as usual, thank you Cravze and all the
staff at LIU for all the hard work you put into your creations(and the

Someday, we'll look back on this, laugh nervously and change the subject.