Need help in deciding which PSU

as the title says i can't really decide which psu u to get. my main priority is how quite/quality
These are the power supplies i'm considering but can't decide.

1. Corsair vx450
2. Enermax PRO82+ 425
3. Corsair CX400W
4. Silverstone Element 400w
5. Seasonic S12II 430w

if there are similar psu i would like to know

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  1. Of all those, I'd pick the VX450. What kind of CPU and video card do you have?
  2. right now i'm running an old system. the only thing i plan to do is maybe upgrade my video card
    cpu- AMD Athlon 3800 2.4 ghz OC to 2.75
    Mobo- Asus a8n sli deluxe
    gpu- BFG 7600gt - upgrade to 8600GT or 9600GT
    ram- ocz value ram
    and the psu i currently have came with my case its a crappy raidmax 450w that absolutly sucks and sounds like a vacuum cleaner
  3. The Corsair 450VX offers 33A on the 12V rails. The Seasonic 430W only 30A. Both are quiet, according to reviews. You can read some user reviews at Newegg if you want.

    With either of those two, you can upgrade to 9800GTX+ or HD 4850, but I wouldn't go any further. The CPU would limit a more powerful card anyway.

    I don't like the prices, TBH. $60 for the Corsair and $70 for the Seasonic at Newegg (in the USA). For that money you might as well get the PC Power & Cooling 750W S75CF

    That one would power even an HD 4870 X2 and a quad CPU. I have one and can guarantee it's silent. It might not fit in your old case though.

    Edit: don't get the 8600GT, it's not a gaming card. I have one on my work PC and it's fine for Office and Visual Studio, but that's about it. The 9600GT is decent. The 9800GTX+ is much better, and the HD 4850 a little better still. The 9800GTX+ is pretty big, so measure how much room you have in the case if you want that one.
  4. Nah, that one has 430W only on paper. It should have been labeled 300W to keep it honest. It has 18A only, nowhere near the 33 of the 450VX. It can't support any decent gaming cards.
  5. Buy the highest wattage power supply you can afford. It's the cheapest insurance policy you'll ever find.
  6. i'd say grab a corsiar aswell, pulling in 33a on 430-450w.

  7. +1 for the VX450. My PC is powered by one of these and it's dead silent.
    I don't agree with ram1009. Power supplies have the highest efficiency at medium load, so buying a 750W power supply when the system usually uses less than 300 is a waste of money.
  8. well my pc is pretty outdated for any serious gaming thats why i'll be putting together a new build in a few months or so. this will be for general use thats why silence is the priority. the vx450 does look good based on many review but then the silverstone is also every good on the latest 300-500w psu review on anandtech.
  9. The Silverstone can output 29A. That makes it almost as powerful as the VX450 and the Seasonic, and it's only $30. Good quality too. I guess it's a good choice.
  10. but if everyone agrees that the vx450 is the best out of the group then i think i'll go with that even though its just a bit more but in return i'll be getting solid quality. right?
  11. Definitely get the corsair

    fullmetall said:

    Was i the only one that cringed when they saw this :??:
  12. Silverion77 said:

    Was i the only one that cringed when they saw this :??:

  13. FullMetall wrote : [...] 6817148027

    yeah i would nvr trust something like that.
    alright its the corsair then. thnx for the help everyone
  14. Corsair or SeaSonic are probably the quietest. I'd get whichever is cheaper. I'm not sure what other PSUs are worth it from your list. I would also consider the Antec Earthwatts brand PSUs. I have the 500W, and its a good one. I have my computer sitting on my desk, and I can't hear the PSU fan at all. (I can hear the crappy blow hole fan however, it might be masking it.) Newegg sells the 500W Earthwatts PSU for $49.99 with free shipping every now and then, keep an eye out.
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