i really could do with some help.
My new intel core 2 duo arrived today (E8400) and my new heatsink(arctic cooling freezer 7 pro), i went ahead and replaced my old CPU(pentuim D 945) with my new one on my ASUS P5KC mobo.
Then i booted up my PC and it loaded into the motherboard screen which told me to either "press TAB to view BIOS message or press Del to enter setup". i tryed both options but it didnt respond (i dnt know why). so i switched my PC off and checked that all the hardware was correctly installed and that there was no damage to the CPU or CPU socket on the mobo. then i flashed the bios by taking out the battery for 10 minutes or so, then returned it into the mobo. next i switched my PC on again and this time i got absolutely nothing just a blue screen on my TV/Monitor.
I thought this might be a problem with my graphics card so i replaced it with my old x1600xt but the problem remained.
i then went on to test the RAM, Harddrive and even put my old CPU and heatsink back on but still no joy just a blue screen. :(
im really stuck and dont know what to do next.
please help!! it would really be appreciated
System Spec:
intel dore 2 duo E8400
Xpert Vision Radeon HD4870 Dual Edition
Maxtor 160GB Hardrive
Coolermaster Real power 700W modular PSU
LG CD/DVD Rom Drive (IDE)
OCZ platuim 4GB 1066mhz (2x2gig sticks)
Thermaltake tsunami dream case
Arctic cooling freezer 7 pro HSF.
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  1. I'm going to hazard a guess that you need to flash your BIOS (using the old chip). Not all motherboards support 45nm processors without a bios upgrade. Since this is a P35 mobo, this is likely the case.
  2. i would do but my pc will not do anything even with my old cpu in and everything back to how it was before. So i cant get a BIOS update from the internet because my computer is dead?.
    P.s im using a friends laptop atm NOT my computer.
    any suggestions on how to get it going again?
    please help
  3. You need to boot with your old cpu installed and flash the bios.(1203)

    You may have to clear the cmos by taking the battery out and moving a jumper (check your manual)

    If that does not work, you may have knocked something while installing the new cpu. Check all your conections
  4. i left the battery out for awhile and then put it back in, and it booted with my old CPU(YAY),
    so next i went online and got a BIOS update and a application that allows me to do the update in windows.(EZFlash i think).
    But this failed (ahhhh F**KING Computers!!!)

    So i thought id put the update on a memory stick and went to restart the computer so i could enter DOS and update the BIOS. This didnt work as the computer failed to restart, and now it will continuosly try to boot. So next i toke the battery out for about 10 hours over night, ive just tryed putting the battery back in and boot, but this time my computer isnt doing anything at all. The mobo light comes on saying it has power but thats about it , i cant even open the DVD drive.

    any help would obviously be welcomed.
    Please help.

    Argh i just wana play farcry 2
  5. I'm sorry, but it sounds as if the BIOS is ruined. There are very specific instructions about using windows BIOS flashers, but even when you do it just right the chances are not good. We would have told you to only use a boot disk installer.

    Your initial problem was that your older motherboard would not support a Wolfdale without a BIOS flash.

    I suggest picking up a P5Q Pro.
  6. wow ok thanks for your reply.
    im beginning to wish i brought a computer from PCworld lol.
    The price is getting a little ridiculous now, i spent 70 quid on a new PSU so that i could use my new GPU that cost 170 quid, then i spent 120 quid on a new CPU, now i have to spent another 120 quid on a new mobo.

    But hey its my fault for not researching my mobo properly.

    i think ill go for the P5Q-E instead of the P5Q PRO, i read that the PRO is unstable when memory and overclocking is concerned.

    i found it on for 114 quid

    if you know where i can get it for less please let me know
    thanks =/
  7. No, but the P5Q-E would be my choice as well, was just keeping the price down for you.
  8. Thanks buddy, i figured that if im going to buy a new mobo i might aswell spend a little extra on an upgrade + the P5Q-E looks awesome.
    If i cant get 114 pounds for the P5Q-E ill just buy another ASUS P5KC for 75 pounds, its got good specs for the price.
  9. got my new mobo (p5q-e) 1 hell of a mobo, all is good, everything is working as it should very happy with my new CPU much better than my old Pentuim D which bottlenecked my HD4870. no more bottlenecking.:D
    old 3dmark 06 score with Pentuim D = 7,500
    New score with Core 2 Duo = 13383
    Much more like it =]
    happy days.
  10. Yay :sol:
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