Asus m3a79t deluxe and ati 4870 vista boot/shutdown?

first of all thanks for any info or suggestions beforehand. If you need any more info please let me know...
System specs are as follows:

amd phenom II 940 cpu
asus m3a79t deluxe motherboard
his ati 4870 video card
mushkin 4 gb memory 1066
corsair 750 watt psu
wd 500 gb black edition hd
hp lp2475w 24" monitor

OK, heres the problem:
I'm running vista ultimate through the dvi connection to the monitor.When I go to boot up vista I see very bright color corruption(very bright solid color, red, yellow, orange) on the screen right before vista microsoft icon appears. Sometimes its about 1-2" tall at the bottom of the screen going the the whole length and other times its over half of the screen doing this! The same thing happens when I shutdown Vista and I also noticed it running 3d mark 05 inbetween tests . I've switched out every component in the system to make sure it wasn't a hardware problem.(memory, video card, psu) I also tried the dvi-hd converter supplied with the video card to the monitor which didn't help. The computer has no problems when in vista scored around 24000 in 3d mark 05. It seems like some kind of a signal issue between the video card and the monitor. Let me know what you think. Thanks....
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  1. Before the system boots and after you turn it off, the video card can contain random data and thus show strange images on the monitor. If it really bothers you, you can try a different brand/model of video card.
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