is 9400gt compatible to my setup?

asus p5vd2vmse mainboard
2.5gb (667) ddr2
500W power supply
core2duo 2.2GHz

im not quite sure if 9400gt 2.0 pcie card would run to my current setup, i dont know if my pcie is 2.0, please i need your comments.,thanks in advance..

*this issue may sound funny to experts out there but please i need your help...
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  1. The 9400gt is a horribly underpowered card. Any particular reason you want that card?

    To answer your question: Yes, it will work in your motherboard. However, I must warn you... if you plan on using that video card for gaming, you are going to be sorely disappointed.
  2. ah i see,
    theres no particular reason about that.,
    thanks for the nice comment.,maybe ill choose another graphics card.
  3. The 2.0 PCIe cards are backwards compatable with the 1.0 slots, no worry there.
    Gaming? As stated, that is a very, very poor choice for a gaming card.
  4. +1 its not a gaming card, its a Vista card ...
    your mobo
  5. I have bought a few 9400GTs by EVGA and I have to say it is a very nice card for basic computing and some gaming (even though it is on the lower end of gaming cards).

    It's quiet
    Has a nice cooler on it
    and is low power (does not require a 6pin connector)

    If your main focus is gaming you ought to step up to something better. Like a 9800GT for starters which you can get these days for $114 which is a bargain for the amount of processing power you get. Incredible bang for your buck.
  6. ah, but then i still dont know if it its compatible with my setup.,

    how about 9500gt, will my money be worth it for that card?
  7. yes your MOBO is ok. your have the fastest ram you can have(i dont know the timing, i assume its maybe some value ram but its still 667), you PSU can push it and a C2D 2.2ghz is enough even if you go for a 9800gt.

    A 60$ 9500gt (40$ after MIR)

    a 80$ 9600GSO

    a 120$ 9800gt (90 after MIR)

    and EVEN if you feel it a 9800gtx 130$
    this one seems to be quite a BIG deal !

    Have fun !

    P.S. Your 500w psu can handle any off these, The GTX can need a lil cpu OC but can work very well with your 2.2ghz !

    Edit 1: if you can tell me exactly what is your PSU ill tell if it can REALLY handle a 9800gtx if you feel it !
  8. ah., thanks for that but i do have some budget constraints., i dont know exactly what my psu is but ill try looking at it some time.

    im confused now about the memory specs of these video cards, it says 512 mb DDR3, what does that mean?.,
  9. Its the speed of the memory chip inside it. a GPU is like a whole computer. You have a CPU chip, mem chip..... you have Eatsink (and fans) to remove heat from mem chip and Gpu cpu.
  10. does that mean there is no other requirement for that?, thanks, i learn a lot here,..
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