Sli on my Rig?

My First post

just need to clear this up before splash the cash

My Rig

E8400 Duo Core 2 3.0Ghz
4 Gig Ram
EN8800GTS 512
Noisetaker 2 EG701AX 600Watt
300Gig HDD

Basically can i run SLI with the 8800GTS without trouble?
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  1. Welcome to Toms forums.
    For your question yes you should be able to run both 8800gts (sli), without a problem i cant guarantee that but most probably not. If your motherboard supports sli and you use the sli bridge it will work just fine. If not; issues arise feel free to post your issue.
  2. yes Motherboard Supports was just a PSU concern that has me going... wasnt too sure
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