9800GTX+ or ATI 4870

Hi, I'm considering upgrading from an 8600GT to something better.
Probably out of these:

ATI 4870

Which would be the best?

I've been quoted a price at AU$429 for a 9800GTX+

How much would the best cost?

Thanks for your help.
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  1. I would stick with one of the last three. I would also say that's too much money for a 9800GTX+. The other three choices would serve you well, I'm sure. The only thing I would say is to research the different cooling solutions for the 9800 GX2, if that's the way you go; or even mount a case fan blowing right in between those suckers. I had a 7950GX2, and the top card always wanted to run hot.

    I like your choices. Have fun!
  2. If you can afford a GTX280 why not treat yourself to the 4870X2? Otherwise i'd choose the GTX280 from your list.
  3. Thanks, how much would a 4870 cost, I wouldn't want to pay too much more though. I've got an E8400 3Ghz processor and 2Gb RAM and Intel DG33FB motherboard, I don't know about the cooling system.
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