9800gt power supply

i just bought a palit 9800gt 1gig video card.

I installed it and connected the power supply (its a cord that splits from one black square socket to 2 standard white power sockets)

I attached the 2 white sockets to my power supply and the machine would not start up.... it would wait maybe 10 seconds then give that beep when you install hardware incorrectly.

So i tried pulling out one of the power supplies.... and now it works.

Owners of palit 9800gt how did you install your power supply? 1 or 2 white plugs connected? (i dont want to accidentally destroy my card due to underpowering it if the 2 plugs need to be connected) (my power supply is 500 watts btw)

been searching the net and can't find any answers, any help would be great. thanks!


here's the power cord i'm talking about.

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  1. If your PSU has a PCIe 6 pin connector you don't need to use that. If your PSU doesn't native PCIe power you better upgrade your PSU.
  2. What are the specs of your current power supply? Those are the 12V, 3V, 5V labeled stuff in the sticker in your PSU. Who made the PSU?
  3. is the black socket ont the adapter the PCIe 6 pin connector ? if so then my power supply doesn't have one.

    my power supply is some generic 500 watt psu.

    re: What are the specs of your current power supply? Those are the 12V, 3V, 5V labeled stuff in the sticker in your PSU.--- i don't quite follow, what do you need to know, i see the sticker and the designated numbers to each wire color and to what i think are the amp ratings. ( sorry noob alert)


    so do i need to attach the 2 white sockets? (assuming ample power is present)
  4. ^ Ok, it looks like you have a cr@ppy PSU. I highly recommend getting a quality PSU to run that card. I recommend Corsair, PC Power & Cooling, Antec, OCZ. There is a OCZ 600W on sale @ newegg. $30 after MIR:

    Also keep an eye out during black Friday for good PSU deals @ newegg.
  5. So i figured it was stupid to run the thing on just one of the white power connectors even if it seemed to be working. ( why would they put 2 if you only needed one, right?)

    I re-installed the card , reconnected the 2 white power plugs... and then it just worked... it must've been loose or something the first time.

    all i need now is a plug splitter to power my 2 dvd drives (i disabled one for now)

    OR go out and get a a better PSU as you guys suggested. (maybe something higher than a 500 watt PSU)

    thanks for the replies.
  6. Its not the wattage rating you should be concerned with, 500W is plenty for a single graphics card setup. As Shadow said, you want to get one from a reputable vendor. Find a good deal on a PSU from one of the companies he listed (Rated anywhere from 450W to 600W) and let the good times roll.

    Having said that, a power supply is a long term investment that can be used for several builds. If you have any kind of inkling that you may want to try out multi-card setups later on, be sure to get something rated for 600W or more.
  7. thanks for the extra tip.. actually i upgraded from a dual 8500 (sli) setup.... got so freaking dissapointed with that one so i trashed the 2 cards and bought a single 9800gt when the price went down. (mental note always read reviews on the net before buying anything. man those 8500's sucked big time.)

    i'll prob get a new psu when and if i decide to get another 9800. thanks again.
  8. ^ Seriously, mind listing what PSU you currently have? Imo, I wouldn't trust the PSU you have with my hardware. Dying PSUs can take all your hardware when they die.
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