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Im getting scores of around 5200 in 3dmarko6 - my system- Amd 64 x2 5000+ 2.6ghz - power color X1950pro, ddr2 667, seagate baracuda 320gb, i would like to see my 3dmark06 scores hit around 10000 if thats posible without over clocking
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  1. Get a 4830 (under $100.00) and you would be all set. The X1950pro will get close only if you have two of them.
  2. I had a AMD 4200 and a 1950GT and I scored 4300 in 3Dmark06.

    You should change your video card if you want to reach 10k in 06. 1950pro is outdated. After it, the ATI 2000 series came out then came the 3000series and now ATI is offering 4000s. I own an ATI HD4670 and I score 8300 in 06. Its not a lot, but well high for a 65$~ video card.

    The A5200 CPU is ok, but if you can, maybe upgrading the CPU isn't a bad idea (maybe). browse the forums to check opinions.
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