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Recently after a windows upgrade my syswould not boot,ntdlr error after 2 days of trouble shooting and redoing harddrive software I discovered the boot order on my hard drives changed. Did not tink to look at bios since it had been working for years?
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  1. That's happened to me, usually when I have re-set the BIOS to default or fail-safe settings before flashing the BIOS with an update. My BIOS default is not RAID, so I get that errror until I go into the BIOS and manually change the settings to RAID and then re-setting the HDD boot priority.
  2. Thanks for th e reply.
    Just to make sure I was clear on what happened. I did nothing except
    clicked on restart now after the windows finished the upgrade.
    Like I said I discovered a lot later that the bios boot sequence was changed. I have always had the set up boot floppy first, cd second and drive 0 third. Some how the boot sequence changed to hd 1, w/o my intervention. Has anyone experienced this from a windows upgrade?
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