Cpu or gpu upgrade ??

Hello Guyz,
I need sum advice,
I hav around 200$ & i really really want to improve the performance of playing games.
yesterday i installed crysis just to play the beautiful game again. The settings were set on
high with no AA on 1680x1050 res & i was getting 28 avg FPS.
I was really freaked out cuz i couldnt play with all of those laggings. So rite now i dont know what to upgrade either my GPU or my CPU?
I was thinking to get AMD Phenom II 940 for CPU & ATI 4850 for crossfiring.
My specs are;
AMD Athlon X2 6000+ @ 3.2ghz
MSI K9A2 Platinum Mobo
HIS tech ATI 4850 512mb
Corsair 2gb 800bus ddr2
viewsonic VA2226w LCD
WD 80gb HDD

( dont mind the HDD cuz ill be changing tht too with WD Caviar black 500gb 32mb cache )

So guyz plz help me out & tell me wat to upgrade for the best performance.
& when im gonna upgrade any of those i hope ill get atleast 38+ FPS in crysis HIGH
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  1. a P2 940 will do you good, espically if you can overclock it to about 3.5ghz. That CPU probably wouldnt bottleneck a crossfire setup TOO much, but it might possibly. Im not really too up to par with older CPU's and bottlenecking effects, but many people up here are and can help.
  2. you should be able to get a P2 and HD 4850 combo from newegg for about $300
  3. gpu is crysis

    crysis likes nvidia

    crysis claims to quad core game i have not checked for a long time but it used to only run on one or 2 cores and rotate cores
  4. Getting a better CPU won't really help your game performance since the bottleneck for games is the GPU. And your AMDx2 Duo Core is actually pretty good.

    If your motherboard is crossfire capable, get another 4850 and crossfire it. (4850s are around $140-$150) If your mobo isn't crossfire capable, sell your current 4850 and get a 4870 or GTX260. (both are around $220ish)
  5. he already has one HD 4850, why would he dump $300+ into a nvidia card? It would make much more sense to get another 4850 and perhaps a new cpu.

  6. why?

    sell the 4850 on ebay and lose $20

    wow that was tough - doesn't everyone have an ebay account i thought ebay was like email?

    maybe not?
  7. mean old nasty dragon

    its better to run a single gpu unless you have more then 1 monitor

    if you have 3 or 4 great run crossfire then you can run 4 monitors

    if not upgrade the video card -- a 280 rips up crysis at $300
  8. Susgesting he sell a perfectly fine video card and LOSE $20 off it just to spend another $150 to buy another is mindless when he can just crossfire and squash a GTX 280. The OP mentioned Crysis, he didnt says it all he plays and ever will play. Infact he said he installed it just to look at it.

    I thought this site had gotten over its obsession with using Crysis as a scale to which GPU to buy. Upgrading/buying PC parts for ONE game is never a good idea, its not a smart idea either, its stupid.

    Also, despite my earlier post about the CPU, I do agree bluescreen and nismo above. Buying another 4850 will net far greater results than a new CPU. Perhaps save the CPU upgrade for a month or two from now.
  9. well guyz i play games alot, infact you can even call me a gamer because when ever a new game is released i get it ASAP & i play. I really enjoyed every games i played, COD4,5 , tomb raider under world, NFS undercover etc almost all since 2006+ releases with high settings i got 50+ FPS even AAs onn with sum games espcially COD 4,5. I really love my card but the only game tht makes my gpu cry is as usual crysis & crysis warhead..... I could'v never got 30+ fps unless on medium quality with no AAs.
    Another thing is tht i just got my new LCD 22inches. Its also the cuzz of the laggings because i have to play @ 1680x1050 resolution. B4 my LCD i used to hav a 17inch monitor which had a very very creepy result. But since i got my LCD i really loved the games more.

    & 1 thing more i said tht i could upgrade 1 thing ; my GPU or CPU not both cuz rite now my budget is limited. So .....?? which 1 a cpu or gpu ??
  10. There is no point in upgrading your GPU. Its perfect for your display. Your 6000 is bottlenecking it btw. Adding another GPU is not going to fix your problem as your CPU can not in any way keep up with 2 4850s. You always want more headroom. The new P2 is a no brainer.
  11. hmm......i guess your rite jerseygamer! But i dont understand...."my 6000 is bottlenecking " ??? like it will limit the speed of my gpus if i go crossfire ?
  12. & mayb also limiting the speed of my 4850 rite now evev??
  13. 22" screen is 1680 x 1050, Crossfire will show a good performance increase a that resolution, thats where Crossfire/SLi start to actually show a difference/usefulness.

    Just go with another 4850. Buying a new CPU is not going to increase your overall FPS at the same levels as a 2nd GPU, but it might increase the minimum FPS.
  14. unless you enable AA, you will actually see a performance decrease in crysis with crossfire enabled. I'm skeptical that the 6000+ will be able to push two 4850s enough to see an improvement at 1680x1050. You might have to run it at a lower resolution and enable AA to get a better image quality and fps.
  15. hmmmm...... So i guess i should go with anyother 4850 huh!
  16. Im with the 4850 crowd, hope you got a good PSU with crossfire in mind when you bought it!
  17. Well yea i also talked abt my PSU about a month ago.
    every1 was telling me tht my PSU will easily handle both cards.
    its Corsair HX 520w PSU
  18. Hey guyz i hav 1 more stupid issue here!!!!
    I wil be upgrading my memory, so i'll sell these 2gbs for kingston's hyperX 4gb.
    Cuz of its latency is really good 4-4-4-12.
    Now herez the issue;
    In newegg its written 1.8V
    In canadacomputers its written 1.95V
    & in kingston's site it's written 2.0V
    So obviously i believe in kingstons site. But the problem is tht my mobo
    MSI K9A2 Platinum supports DDR2 800 bus with only 1.8v
    Im very very noob in these stuff rite now so i dont know wat to do.
    I even personally emailed MSI for my issue but they didn't give me the exact answer. Will sum1 plz check my mobo's specs so tht i could find out tht my mobo can support the Kingston's KHX6400D2LLK2 model.
    Plz Plz Plz sum1 experienced ..!!! Help me here.

    P.S i heard tht we can change the Voltage settings from bios! ??
    Just giv me tht side of info too.
    I will really appreciate ur help!
  19. I wouldnt be so sure about you PSU. the recommended wattage for 2 4850s is 550watts, it is going to depend on the amperage of the PSU. Is it listed as crossfire ready?
  20. my PSU's amps is better than the 550 watt psuz, cuz it has 40amps on 12v rails while the others mostly has 35 amps ( on 550 watt psu). So i guess my Psu is better!!!
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