Building New Pc YOur Thoughts...

So I'm building a New PC but i got SOME questions that i have to figure out before i get pcz.

Does the Quad Core Take DDR2 Ram?

Also My Friend wanted me to get this...

Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9775 Quad Core Processor LGA771 Yorkfield
Asus P5E3 Premium WiFi-AP
2x OCZ PC3-12800 Platinum Edition OCZ3P16004GK
2x MSI HD 4870 X2
Asus Xonar DX PCI Express
Integrated Gigabit Networking
Corsair HX1000W Modular

but then i thought to myself this is going to EXPENSIVE so i decided against that.

so i was thinking maybe a Dual Core And a Mobo that works with DDR2 RAM (8gig) I would LOVE that sound card but I'm looking at a New case cuz my old antec isn't working as well XD but yeah anything how ever much it is. I need a new gaming PC...
i wanted the 2x Samsung Spinpoint F1 1.0 TB and like 2 300 gig velicroraptor? w/evz it's spelted thanks guys! =DD
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  1. ohh thats on nasty rig and yes it will if you motherboard can take DDR2 lol by the looks of theses OCZs they are DDR3 9goes and checks :P) that should be a sweet machine hope you got good cooling if your thinking of overclocking...
    raptors ay nice I didn't know they was at 300Gb, and I bet they cost alot as well.

    personally i would but em in a raid, no bottlenecks that way after the computer has been in opeartion for a while (months) but thats just me.
    As for case you will need alot of room because of the X2s so i would say you would want a antec 800 1200 will be better or the thermaltake armor or there better version which is about the same but is better looking.
  2. Not sure why you even bothered posting the first paragraph, other than to make me realize I don't have 4k to drop on the machine of my choice... thanks.

    What exactly do you plan on using this machine for that might justify 8GB of RAM?

    Anyway; Quad cores (namely the Q6600 G0) have gone the way of cheap. Last I checked on Newegg, about $190...

    Nice motherboard and pair it with some 1066 (I loved my Olympus Reaper sticks) are pretty damn solid and easy on the wallet.

    Auzentech is my sound card of choice, take a peak and see if you might like it. Not sure what you want in a case, I"m a function over form type of guy myself. So thats all you.

    and unless this is a small file server, or your just downloading an ass ton of netflix, I'd say a 1TB of storage is pretty ridiculous.
  3. LOL it's for Bittorrent and stuff i'm going to be setting up ... Photoshop editing so forth and 8 gigs DDR2 ram is cheap so it's best to get now u know? but don't worry i wasnt being mean when i posted the first paragraph XD but yeah so what u think best? besides my friend bought that and i thought he was insane too XD
  4. Yeah, well - insanity is a good word for spending money on something that won't be used.

    If your only going to be playing with torrents and some photoshop, then go the way of conservation. Find yourself something buget friendly. I mean, you can grab a wolfdale for near $100 now. Toss in 2x1GB of 8500 (DDR2 1066 if you didnt know) for another $50 and you've won half the battle.

    250GB Barracuda's are less than $50 a piece. 2 of those should be more than enough. A nice little striped (0) configuration would be great for speed and save some green.

    Not sure if you plan on playing any games, or what operating system you plan on using. XP? Unix? - 2GB RAM. V*sta = 4GB RAM.

    Otherwise you can go something low profile and make this easier than usual.
  5. 8 gigs of ram is basically overkill in almost all situations. I would stick to 4gigs of DDR2 and then upgrade later to DDR3 when prices drop and when your system might actually utilize the ram.
  6. This is what I would recommend

    Q9550 (775)
    asus X48 (ddr2 or ddr3) ddr2 is the better deal
    4GB or 8GB ram
    Creative Titanium pci-E sound card
    4870 X2
    750w/850w Zalman PSU
    1X velociraptor
  7. Lolz I'm going to be playing *hopefully* SC2 / Diablo 3 so forth

    right now I'm playing...

    Far Cry 2

    but consider this 8 gig ram = like 80 bucks. so i won't EVER need to upgrade and using Vista I know T.T sigh
  8. This build will cost almost half the money then the build your friend recommended and still will give you great performance.

    Your friends build is mostly for bragging rights. But if you have the money to burn that would work. I think it would be better to save the rest of your money and do upgrades more periodicly
  9. I would just go with 4 gigs ram by they time there will be a program that would use over 4GB you will already have build another pc
  10. Bad idea to drop $4k on a system now. Nehalem (aka Core i7) is just a few weeks away. Keep budget to $1.2k max right now. Then upgrade mid next year.
  11. it's one thing if it takes ONLY DDR3 ram how would that affect me u know? like Nehalem sounds epic but it's's going to be probably WAY TOOo pricey and i don't have THAT much XD
  12. ^Well. Nehalem isn't going to be too expensive. Should be only about $700 for CPU + motherboard. Which is well with in the budget. :P

    My point is don't drop $4k on a system now. Drop $1.5k max. Get a good PSU, GPU, HDD, and a case (Antec 1200 FTW!) ,may be a good LCD too. Then upgrade to Nehalem from another 6 months. You can have a VERY good system for $1.5k. You can reuse PSU, GPU etc, and case on the Nehalem build.
  13. so throwing this out there what's a good system with 8 gig ram XD =DD
  14. ^Why 8GB? Do you do video/photo editing? CAD? There is no need for 8GB for a gaming rig.
  15. I do Video Photo Editing a LOT lol =DD tehehe that's why! =DD
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