How do I know if I killed my card?

I know, sounds like a rediculous question... Let me explain what happened.

I have an older homebuilt gaming rig that unfortunately uses AGP interface. My mobo is an MSI K8N neo2 Planinum (socket 939), 4200+ AMD 64 X2 processer, and x1950 Pro w/512 DDR3 AGP video card. Obviously this system is outdated and I'm having trouble running modern games at enjoyable rates, so I decided to try to overclock the card to gain some performance. So, using ATI Tray Tools, I started playing around with the overclocking settings and running the built in benchmark tool just to see what would happen... While running the benchmark, I lost video and the system crashed, so I restarted it, but now the system will not POST with the card. It gives a long beep followed by two short beeps. The card had no external indicators of damage such as heat, smell, or anything else - I don't believe it was overheated. My old 6800GT works fine, so I don't think there is any problem with the mobo.

I admit I don't know much about overclocking, but did not expect the ruin the card so easily. I did not mess with the voltage. Is there anything I should be trying to get the card to work again or a definitive way to know it is dead? After all, it's not like fire and smoke blew out the back of my case and the fire department responded...

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  1. 1long 2short beeps mean there is something wrong the the display adapter. If you haven't changed the voltages you really can't do any physical damage to the card. Any damage should be on software level but getting post errors suggest problem is more serious. Only advice i can give is make sure the card is seated properly and don't forget to plug it's power connector if it has any.
  2. I never messed with the voltage, so that is why I'm still hoping maybe the problem can be remedied. But you are right that it is indicating a more serious problem. I wonder if there is anything that could be done with the BIOS setting on the mother board to help?
  3. Have you messed with it's firmware ?
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