Hard Disks - 2nd SATA drive detected in BIOS but NOT in Windows Disk

Second SATA drive only detected on ‘warm’ boot.

Mobo: MSI 865pe Neo2-LS (2 x SATA 1.5 Gb/s)
OS: XP sp3, updated BIOS, drivers, xp updates
SATA_I Drive 1 (original) – Seagate ST3800 80 GB (with working XP) on SATA1 (listed as IDE 3)
SATA_II Drive 2 (new) – Western Digital WD20EADS 2 TB (single 2tb data storage) on SATA2 (listed as IDE 4)
IDE DVD Drive – LG on IDE1 (master)
IDE CD Drive – Creative on IDE1 (slave)

Hi everyone,

I have a variation on a problem commonly discussed in the forum re: 2nd drive not detected by Windows XP. I have an ageing system (but works well) and I just exchanged a 150 GB IDE drive I was using as storage for a new 2 TB SATAII drive. The issue is the drive won’t appear in XP on cold boots unless I enter the BIOS before the OS loads. The drive will also appear if I re-start from XP after the OS loads the first time.

Connected and installed WD drive into free SATA port. Booted and new drive detected in BIOS (ports set to LEGACY, PATA/SATA Keep ON). WD drive found in Disk Management. Drive initialized, partitioned, full formated as NTFS & assigned as D: drive by XP. Data transferred to new drive without issue. Shutdown thinking task accomplished.
WD drive not detected on next cold boot to XP (device/disk manager, or My Computer). Re-start and check BIOS-> drive detected so continue with XP boot and drive detected as before with all data present.

After much trial and error, can say the drive will NOT appear in XP (device/disk manager, My Computer) on a cold-boot, but will appear on ‘warm’ boot (either re-start from XP OR entering BIOS on boot and then continuing to XP).
Have tried many different IDE setup combinations in BIOS (including previous recommendations from Paperdoc & others in this forum) but without any effect. Have also changed cables, ports, and jumpered new drive to 1.5 Gb/s but still no change in outcome.

Troubleshooting more frustrating than usual each pit-stop in BIOS leads to the drives being seen in XP. Each change requires waiting for XP to load, shutting down entirely and cold booting a second time (without a BIOS pit-stop) to see if the changes allow the new drive to be seen.

I would appreciate any suggestions as I'm all out.
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    My thoughts on this problem are is the BIOS giving enough time for the hard drive to spin up before checking that there is a hard drive. In many BIOS’s there is a setting for spin-up time, try increasing this time, also try disabling the quick boot setting in the BIOS.
    Have you tried updating the BIOS with the latest version?
    Have you tried another power supply.
  2. Thnx for the reply,

    BIOS is latest version.
    Will check on disabling quick boot and/or increasing spin-up time.
  3. Unfortunately no luck.
    No option in Bios to change spin-up time (older system).
    Disabling quick boot hangs the system at the system splash screen (not the XP screen). This is odd but unsure if related to issue.
  4. Disabling quick boot allows the BIOS to perform extra checks on the computers hardware; if this fails the computer will hang. It is looking like you have a faulty motherboard, try another power supply to be sure.
  5. Check the HDD for a SATA1 jumper.
  6. Ancient system with problems... BUY NEW HARDWARE or stop works when you enter BIOS prior to startup... It'll just take you a few more seconds each day...
  7. Issue solved by disabling quick boot with a different set of IDE assignments in the BIOS. This allowed the extra time needed for the system to recognize the new drive (no quickboot) while not hanging on the load screen (IDE changes).
    Chipset options:
    Mode: Legacy
    Option: PATA only
    PATA priority: Both

    Thanks to everyone with helpful comments.
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