Ocz Stealth Xstream power supply wires to short

Hello, I have a problem. I bought a stealth xstream 500-watt power supply to replace the one in my dell Inspiron 530 and one of the wires are to short. I am not for sure what the wire is called but it is the one that connects the 2 dvd players and something eles I don't know what it is, 3 Thin flat connectors. And here is what I have in my comp. Intel Pentium Dual cpu @ 2.20ghz processor memory 4.00gh vista 64-bit. I want to put in a ge force 9600gso 768 graphics card which I already have and can't send back. Anyway I need a power supply with long enough to fit my conp. If anyone can help I thank you. If not, Thank you anyway. Take care Rick
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  1. Just google SATA power extender , you should be able to find a cheap solution that will extend your cables far enough to fit.
  2. Wow that didn't even cross my mind! I am new at this upgradeing thing. Thanks a lot Rick
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