Would this Work? help!

Hi i just purchased a case and it only came with thumb screws. Then i ordered a motherboard that didnt come with any screws or standoffs (motherboard posts)
i was wondering if this set had screws that would work for these specs


antec 300 case ATX
evga 750i sli motherboard ATX
WD 320gb hard drive
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  1. I would order the bag of screws; you're paying for a plastic case. A bag of screws costs $1-3 plus shipping. Check with a local shop or goodwill store that sells used computer parts, and they might give you some for free.
  2. i know
    but would this expensive case of screws work for my specs
  3. sneaky cactus said:
    i know
    but would this expensive case of screws work for my specs

    well yeah, but what a waste of money!!!
  4. Yeah, That is a waste of money.
  5. get ahold of your case maker.. the case's are supposed to come with standoffs..
  6. I would contact the seller of the case, and, or Antec. Here is a decent assortment that will give you everything you need and more.
  7. Agreed - that will work, but you shouldn't be paying for something that should come with your case, or for the other screws that you won't use.
  8. Not all stand-offs are the same size:

    the wrong size will cause the rear panel ports
    to mis-align with the I/O shield there.

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