Need help! Raid 0 fail :(

Would someone please help! :cry:

My computer crashed and when I restarted, the bios was wiped out so I had to restore from one of my previously working OC profile (MB is Asus P6T). But to my dismay, my HDD on port 2 is no longer part of my Raid 0 (comprising of HDD on port 2 and 3). In Intel Matrix Storage Manager, the 2nd drive is "Missing Hard Drive". I tried reconnecting the drive but it still shows up as a non-Raid.

According to SMART, the drive is fine. It's just somehow "disconnnected" from the Raid-0. :cry:

Someone please help. :cry:
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  1. 42 views and nobody answered. But that's fine. After some initial panic, I regained my composure and was able to recover my data.
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