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ok, so im just now keeping trac of all the hardware prices now that ive built my own computer and am always looking for new improvments i can do. two of the upgrades i want to do are get faster RAM and a quad core CPU. i am useing ddr2 800 with a AMD 5000 witch is AM2. i didnt realize it, (good thing) but to run 1066 on my board i need a AM2+ CPU. since Phemons quad cores are pretty exspensive compared to my dual core that i got for $60. i was wondering when the price for a AMD Quad core at about 2.8ghz would drop to the $60 range. given the current price trends i was wondering if anyone new. my dad was always telling me not to buy the best at full price because it is always being outdated in a matter of months by new technology. witch is true. a 2GB ddr2 at 800mhz is only $20 now. so when will the quads be cheaper. or is this an imposible question?
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  1. The problem is, AMD Quad cores are too expensive to manufacture, so I doubt they will drop to $60 soon (if ever). Also, the only AMD Quad at 2.8GHz is the brand new Phenom II, which still is quite costly. Your best hope for cheap quads may be the new ones coming out in Q2 without an L3 cache (which means much smaller die which means much lower cost). Still those are a way off.

    However, if you want AM2+ w/ DDR2 1066, consider the dual core or tri core Phenoms. I believe the Athlon 7750 (really a Phenom with two cores disabled) at 2.7GHz might be an option.

    Just some options to consider.
  2. ok, thanks for the info, i better get a job then
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