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Hey Guys, been a Tom's Hardware troll for some time and i now have an issue. To cut it short i have just built a new machine, here are the specs

Intel I7 920
Asus P6t Deluxe
700W Coolermaster Power Supply
Geforce GTX 260
Creative Labs 4.1 Speaker system (4 satellite and 1 sub)
Vista Ultimate 64 bit

My problem is that i cant seem to get sound out of all 4 satellites. Only the front two work but not the rear. Originally i thought it was a hardware problem(rear jack dead) but it shouldn't be. When i open the soundmax (drivers) and test the speakers all 4 test ok.

I've tried running

video games (bioshock / Assassins creed)
other misc programs

nothing gets my computer to product 4.1 sound... I've also changed the vista sound configuration to 'quadraphonic' speakers.
Can somebody please advise...? Thanks!
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  1. I've the same problem with Windows 7, with the same CPU/Mobo/RAM setup as it happens, just running the front speakers through my hifi and surround speakers as my pc desktop speakers, any help would be great.

    I know it's possible because I had a 'quadraphonic' speaker setup with my old ASUS A7N8X Deluxe/AMD Athlon XP3200+.

    Although there might have been a "mirror" option under the nVidia sound program to replicate the front to the back.
  2. I have the same problem.

    When I play my music (mp3, flac) through foobar2000 i can use "Convert stereo to 4-channels" DSP and it will play over 4 speakers, but I can't get this to work with all audio, ie. webradio in WMP will only play over 2 speakers :(

    Anybody have a fix?
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