True gaming case from Cooler Master??!

I found a new case from Cooler Master recently.. (in fact, I saw the photo from last year :na: ) there are some reviews on some big media indeed. BUT, it is strange I can't see any user's comment on newegg :o .. is there anyone using this black box? the pricing seems a little big higher..
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  1. That case is an ugly bugly!
  2. +1 i wouldnt even use it as a cat crap tray.
  3. I don't really care about looks, how it works is more important. However since i'm a cheap bastard i'd pay $50 for an Antec 300 and spend the extra $130 upgrading my GPU.
  4. Quite! Or even go for the 900.
  5. I rather like the case's design... in fact, that's on my list of cases to consider for my next build... along with the HAF 932.
  6. rodney_ws,

    I've got the CoolerMaster HAF 932. Bought it last August. I took a look at the photos of the Storm Sniper over at Interior configuration looks similar to the HAF 932. The difference in the interior layout is the fan configuration. The HAF 932 came with 4 fans while the Storm Sniper comes with three fans.

    Looks like most of the difference is the exterior of the case.
  7. That thing is really terrible, even one of the reviews on newegg said it was ugly, and he owns it!
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