21" CRT and Graphics Card to Match


I have a 21" CRT (max res. 2048*1536) and I'm looking for a graphics card to match it. I'm hoping to play at either 1600*1200 with highest settings or 2048*1536 (maybe AA on both, but its not required). My choices of cards are limited to about $300 (Canadian dollars) which gives me the options of a 4870 512mb or gtx 260 (192 shaders). The 1gb 4870 and better gtx 260 are priced out of my range in Canada. Also, I'm limited to getting stuff from actual stores and not internet stores. Games I'm playing are COD4, TF2, Dead Space, GRID, World in Conflict, and UT3

Which card should I get?

PS. My system it's going in:
C2D E7300
2gb ram
Gigabyte EP45-DS3L
550w Coolermaster Extreme Power
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  1. If you're going for 1600x1200, then the HD 4870 512MB would suit you nicely. However if you're planning on running 2048x1536 I suggest you save a little more and get your hands on at least an HD 4850 X2.
  2. +1 for emp.

    The HD 4870 512MB can handle CoD4 nicely at 2048x1536. It looks like 31/72/149 fps (min, average, max).

    However, in World in Conflict it only gets 12/35/60 at that resolution. Still playable but not great IMO. It gets 18/47/84 at 1600x1200, which is very good.

    The HD 4850 X2 would do a lot better at high resolutions, especially because it has 2 GB of RAM. It gets 19/48/92 in World in Conflict at 2048x1536 for example, or 36/106/281 in CoD4 at 2048x1536.

    You can find the 4850 x2 for $513 at newegg.ca for example. Why can't you use an Internet store? No credit card? You do realize that an Internet store will save you 8% PST if it's not in your province, right?
  3. ^+1

    I didnt even know they bench those 4:3 resolution anymore.
  4. @ magicbullit:
    'Cause some of us still have those screens, and they work great. :sol:

    Correct. No credit card, and where are those benches from?
  5. CRT's FTW!!!!
  6. mikem64 said:
    @ magicbullit:
    'Cause some of us still have those screens, and they work great. :sol:

    Correct. No credit card, and where are those benches from?

    You can get a prepaid card from a bank or a Paypal account. Paypal works wonders to be honest, and you can continue using it to buy games from Steam for example or any other future purchases.
  7. Oops, I forgot to add the link.

    Let me guess, you're too young to have a credit card yet :) Maybe you can convince a parent to help. It could save some cash, compared to a local shop.
  8. hairycat101 said:
    CRT's FTW!!!!

    Only if you're a doctor specializing in back strains and spinal cord injuries.
  9. LOL, good one!
  10. @aevm:
    Just a tad young ;) and my parents have this thing against buying stuff on the internet.

    True (this one is 80lbs). But I've yet to find a good quality, cheap lcd that I like. This one I got from a friend of my dad's for free. ;)
  11. rodney_ws said:
    Only if you're a doctor specializing in back strains and spinal cord injuries.

    Or if you're a person who likes the black to be black and the colors to be most realistic. CRT produces better quality images then LCD's do. I know... I know... there are some super-duper high end LCD's that are near CRT quality in terms of image, but they cost a LOT.
  12. True. And then you have the refresh rate to consider. A typical LCD can deliver 60 fps and that's it, even if the video card can do better. With a good CRT you can get 85 or 100.
  13. Remember, if going to the super high resolutions (2048*1536) you'll want more vRAM on the video card. Be sure to look at the 1GB hd4000s.
  14. um... on the refresh rate... there is a difference because of the difference in the technologies. At LCD at 60 isn't going to cause eye strain like a CRT at 60.
  15. Oh yeah. I noticed that right away when I bought my first LCD :)

    There are some smarter LCDs too, which can do 75 Hz at 1680x1050 for example. I got one like that in front of me right now, it's a Viewsonic VX2025WM.
  16. biggest issue I have with LCD's is that the text just doesn't look right... like it has too low of a resolution. I dont' get that from most laptops. That is the wierd thing.
  17. Hmmm, are you using the native resolution of the monitor? They're supposed to look bad at other resolutions, known fact, but the native should look OK.
  18. look at them chitchatting.
  19. LOL, true, sorry.

    OK, back on topic. For that budget the best I can find is

    Diamond Radeon HD 4870 750MHZ 1GB $325 ($340 with $15 mail rebate), free shipping

    Of course, it would need a parent with a credit card. They can trust NCIX, I've personally bought things on a credit card from them often. If they're worried about the credit card number being captured by hackers on the way there, they should know it uses SSL i.e. it's encrypted. AFAIK banks cover any losses from such things, with maybe a $50 deductible.

    BTW, $325 on a purchase without PST is 325+5%, i.e. like $302 spent in a local store with 13% GST+PST. That applies if you live in Ontario. No idea about other provinces.
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