The Best OC Profile for AMD Phenom II X4 940 [u]WITHOUT[/u] additional

The Best OC Profile for AMD Phenom II X4 940 WITHOUT additional CPU and/or NB voltage increase

For those who are overclocking using a budget motherboard like I am, this one is for you:

Phenom II X4 940 AM2+ 3.0 ghz CPU

AMD 780G chipset

DDR2 8500 1066 ram with max voltage of 2.1v to run at 1066 speed
*** use the 400mhz timing but set voltage to 2.1

This profile will give you the highest possible overclock on stock cpu and nb voltages with the highest possible northbridge / ht link speed without compromising stability.

Target Core Speed: 3.4 Ghz

I've tried numerous oc profiles and thought I would stop at 250 x 14 = 3500 with 2250 NB / HT link but the system becomes unstable with huge amounts of stress, prime95 running for hours + 20 or more browser pages + downloading 15+ torrents + winamp but this new oc profile proves to be stable, I found out that on stock voltages, you can't go above 3.4 ghz with too much stress or else it will be unstable.

- knil
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  1. if anyone has tried to push further with 265 + fsb and still not adding voltages please let me know, I'd like to try your settings too :)

    - knil
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    I have a Phenom II X4 3.0 BE and I had similar results. I can run at 3.4 ghz without adding voltage. At 3.5ghz I had to add 100mVolts to get it stable. At 3.6, even with better cpu cooler, I cannot get it to run stable. The most voltage I can add to the core is 150mVolts with my mobo. I'm contect with a nice stable 3.5ghz, this is still an awesome processor imho.
  3. I have had my 940 running at 3.6Ghz with a Zalman 9500 on a MSI 520-C35 Mobo. I didnt test it with Prime95 but did run 3DMark05 and no problems. I have also been playing Bioshock at hi res (1440x900) and Very High details. Still no problem, i am using 4x1Gb sticks of Kingston HyperX memory but only running it at SPD values - 5-5-5-18 800Mhz. and HT at 1000Mhz.
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