Antec 300 HELP - where do I plug the case fans??

Hi I'm building with an Antec 300 case, Gigabyte P35-S3G mobo, and an OCZ Stealth Xstream psu.

The case has 2 fans built in top and side, but I don't know where to connect them. There are no remaining wires on the PSU to fit them too and nowhere on the motherboard.

They are both 4-pin, which I have hooked to a 4-pin/6pin connection wire thingy that came with one of the components. here's a picture:

Any ideas?

Second question:

I have an Asus EN8800GT in there. It's connected to the PSU by a 6-pin wire. The manual for it was a generic Asus manual and wasn't specific.... it's right to plug this card in to the PSU yeah?

This is my first build so any help would be appreciated :)
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  1. I have no idea what you are holding, but you need a power splitter or two, sounds like... I'm suprised you ran out though.

    Yes that's right on the 8800GT.
  2. Where do I plug that thing into though Proximon?
  3. The 6-pin PCIe plug from the PSU will plug into your 8800GT, you should have 4 - 4 pin molex that will plug into the case fans. The picture you showed is the adapter from the 8800GT that you don't need since the stealthstream has a 6-pin PCIe plug.
  4. 1) forget about the 4/6 pin connector, take it out.
    2) The 4 pin connectors of the fans should be two way (male and female at the same time) which means you can connect both and a 4 pin connector component with only one 4 pin connector from the psu.
    3) your psu should have a few 4 pin connectors, but if you used all, do what it says in "2"
  5. The thingy you have the two fans plugged in to is a dual 4 to 6 pin video card adapter. You can 't plug that in anywhere but to the video card. Your OCZ power supply alreay has two 6 pin 12v leads for your video card power.

    The two fans on the Anten 300, a 140mm top and a 120mm rear, has a simple 4 pin molex connector. Plug them into a four pin lead from the power supply.
  6. I'll explain clearer the wires

    Coming from each fan is a male/female (it has both, either end) 4 pin wire.

    I've joined them together with a male/male > 6 pin female wire (the black thing in the center.

    The only wire I have free from the PSU is the PCI-E2 wire, a 12V 6pin female connection.
    The PCI-E1 wire goes into the 8800gt.

    Since both the 6pin from the 2 fans joined is female and the PCI-E one is female, could I somehow get a male/male 6pin and connect them?

    I'm reading the manual for the 300 case and for both the 140mm fan and the 120mm fan, it says the rated voltage is DC 12V.

    So would this plan work and does that male/male 6pin 12v wire exist?
  7. Take that adapter you have OFF. Now you have two fans that need plugged in. Plug each fan into a four pin lead from the PSU. ALL the connectors from the PSU are 12v except the 24 pin main connector wich supplies the other voltages to the mainboard your system will use.
  8. ok wait wait I've found those two 4pin molex dealies from the PSU - I have them stuck into my CD-RW and DVD-RW... can I remove them or do the optical drives need them?
  9. yeah sorry badge I wrote that big message before you guys responded and now can't delete it :(
  10. Lokk at #2 in rojito's post. You will never run out of 4 pin connection possibibilities, the 4 pins are two way. You can plug more than one thing in to a 4 pin lead from the PSU.
  11. sn00pie said:
    ok wait wait I've found those two 4pin molex dealies from the PSU - I have them stuck into my CD-RW and DVD-RW... can I remove them or do the optical drives need them?

    It's your poor judgement and blind ambition I question. :lol: Not your ability to make this thread any more stupid. :sol:
  12. How about this. Theoretically speaking you can remove the 4 pin PSU adapter from the optical drive and then plug the roof fan into it. Then plug that same lead with the roof fan back in to the optical drive and power both devices, a fan and an optical drive. I'm just trying to show how it can be done.
  13. it makes me more nervous that I have LOADS of screws left. I have about 25 of those big thumb-screws that I never found anywhere to put... :P

    lso I need to hook them up in sequence... as in PSU female > Fan male, then Fan male into CD/R female...

    repeat for DVD2 / fan2

    :D bad or good idea?
  14. Sure, you can 'piggyback' the 4 pin 12v lead from the PSU many times over. That's right. That should solve the problem of not having anyhwere to plug in the two case fans. Yeah, that is a bonus to get that large bag of set screws with the case. I have three of the cases.

    EDIT: Spelling
  15. Righto thanks guys

    will report back later if it asplodes or not ;)
  16. Great. Let us know. Nothing will explode due to using the 'piggyback' method of applying 12v power to your system's components.
  17. mmm.... I believe you will be asking a lot of questions till the end of the project, maybe you could look for a video tutorial on how to build pc's, try youtube.

    1) fans don't consume a lot of power, that's why they come with two way 4 pin connector. That means you can connect a lot of fans into a single psu 4 pin connector and still be able to power up a device such as an optical drive, so go ahead and do the plugging any way you want.
    2) make sure each device has one connection from the psu. Some devices have more than one type of connection to be powered chose wichever you like, but chose only one.
    3) The exception to the rule is your motherboard. It will need more (make sure everything from the psu that fits on your MOBO is connected.
    4) another exception. Devices that plug into your MOBO via PCI, PCI Express, etc. (directly into the mobo without using a cable) may not need to be powered by your psu, I believe only your 8800GT does.
    5) You will always have more screws than you need, just make sure no bare components touch anything metallic. I'm talking about the mobo being in direct contact to the chassis of the case, the bear side of the HD to whichever metallic component and things like that.
  18. The thumb-screws are for the hard drives if I remember the 300 I built last month. Each HD takes up to 4.

    As for the fans, I remember I route the back fan cable up to the top fan female-male molex, then plugged that one in an available molex from the PSU.

    But you method works fine too. It just look a bit messy to me to have those female-male sticking out of the optical drives.
  19. Okay here we go:

    the machine is firing up just fine, but there's no display going to the monitor, it just goes into sleep mode. There are no beeps or anything like that from the machine itself, all the fans are turning etc.

    The monitor is connected through a DVI. I've tried with a VGA (with the supplied DVI socket), and with a DVI/HDMI lead. nothing.

    Opened up the machine, everything seems to be connected fine. The motherboard doesn't have a video socket so I can't plug directly in that, it's into the video card.

    Where do I start? Take out the ram, put 1 stick in at a time? or ...
  20. Confirm something for me please:

    There is a 4-pin power cable running to the top left corner of the mobo.
    There is also a 24 pin power cable going to the mobo right?

    That 24 pin cable is made of a 20pin socket and a 4pin socket that join together.

    I need both of those on there right?

    I've got the machine open now and can confirm that the CPU fan is spinning, the GPU fan is spinning, as is the PSU and case fans etc.
  21. yes, the connections to the mobo seems to be fine. I'm not sure what to do to be able to have video on the monitor. Can you take some pictures?
    Also make sure the mobo has a speaker, otherwise it's impossibleto hear the beeps.
  22. er okay here's some images

  23. damm... I can see only the first image. The firewall is blocking the others (don't ask).
    did you connect the psu to the 4 pin mobo connector near the processor?
  24. yeah I did that
  25. Well I can't help you until I get home and watch the pictures, but I recommend you write another topic like "new build, PC won't boot" and explain every thing there. I believe your MOBO doesn't have any kind of speaker nor warning leds, so it would be difficult to figure what's the problem.
    did you connect the speaker to the F_PANEL (Front Panel Header)? it's on page 25 on the online manual. Then it may be possible to to figure something out sooner
  26. Yeah I connected the HDA wire I think it's called to that
  27. I'm seeing holes in the MB with no screws in them....

    Also, it looks as if there are no stand-offs under the board. Did you install the spacers under the board that separate it from the tray?
  28. I just checked that hole in the mobo. I have 6 screws in it, that hole in the top right corner doesn't really line up with the hole.

    When the case came there were 4 spacers already in and I put another 2 in at the top. Should I put 2 spacers on top of each other to raise it higher? I don't think the ports at the back would fit then.

    Just tried the RAM in different slots etc and nothing worked. Tried replacing the HDA wire with the AC/97 wire, nothing.

    I'll take it all apart again tomorrow and start over :(

    From what I've read there should be at least 1 beep
  29. If there is no external speaker connected to your board there will be no beeps.

    Yes I see now those holes are not mounting holes. No do not use more spacers :p You should have ONLY those spacers in the tray that align with the MB screw holes. No extras.

    HDA is "high def audio" and will not work. If you do not have a small speaker in your case, you will not be able to hear the beeps. Any wires comng from such a thing will say "chassis speaker" or some such.
  30. sn00pie said:
    Yeah I connected the HDA wire I think it's called to that

    That's not it. You may (or may not have) a miniature speaker the size of an ear plug with 2 terminals that should be connected un the motherboard. you can see the diagram on page 25 of the online manual. it says F_PANEL (Front Panel Header) and has 2 terminals (+ and -)
  31. Okay I have that manual, the F-Panel I see it, but which wire should I plug into it? Coming from the case, the only audio wires I see are those AC/97 and HDA.

    How should I proceed?
  32. Update:

    just did a CMOS reset, then assembled it out-of-box with the same result.

    So CPU or MOBO. What's your guess?
  33. judging by your comment, it seem you don't have the little speaker I'm talking about, so unless you find one, you should forget about having any beeps to diagnose. I believe you could use an earphone or something like that, but I too believe it would be difficult to explain to you.

    About the ac/97 and HDA DON'T proceed, leave them where you had them.

    My guess???? Impossible to determine, but you could discard the ram by connecting only one on the first slot and if the problem persists take that one out and plug the other.
  34. OMFG it's working!!!

    And it was the stupidest solution ever.

    Not the motherboard (I have a nice new GA-73PVM-32 that I don't need now)

    The ****ing RAM. When I pushed it in, I didn't use enough force for fear of driving it straight through the board. I thought from the start that it wasn't in correctly but the little white clips made a click noise when I pushed them up against it and it wasn't falling out so I figured hey it's in.

    The way I discovered this: I was ripping apart my Dell Dimension 1100 which I'm writing on now god bless it, ripping that huge green plastic thing off, when I thought 'what if I try that RAM as I can't get the CPU out!'. Took a stick out, no dice, it was 400mhz. When I went to put it back in, the clips wouldn't engage, so I just got pissed off and forced it a little when suddenly POP it was in and the clips snapped shut. Tried this on my new board.... POP it was in... stuck a knife on the power pins... holy **** the screen has text on it!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for all your help guys, even if was my n00bness that cursed the thing from the beginning. At least now you'll know what to do if some other idiot like me comes to you with "my computer starts, doesn't beep and no display!", just tell him to push the RAM in HARD until you hear a pop.

    Off to eBay now with this new mobo. Cost me £59.99 from PCWorld. How much you think eBayers would pay for it?
  35. Don't worry man, it happens sometimes. I takes courage to build your own pc without knowledge or a friend near you that can teach you. You will have so many good experiences building you next pc's, choosing the best component, etc. You will also have some more bad experiences with some components, but thats part of the magic. Next step: Overclocking World.
    Don't know how much can you ask for that mobo, Maybe it's better to ask around for a person (like an uncle) looking for a new pc and build another with that mobo and sell the hole thing.
  36. rojito said:
    It takes courage to build your own pc without knowledge or a friend near you that can teach you.


    Very true, we tend to forget the worry of our first build.
  37. I will build my first next week. Wish me luck.
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