How do I customize Windows XP Power Management settings for Individual hard driv

Windows XP Power Management settings effect All hard drives connected to the system.

I happen to have 7 hard drives connected to my computer, 5 of which do -not- need to be running all the time.

The Main hard drive, C: however, Does need to run all the time and not shut down while it's idle. (Which it does frequently because my virtual memory is set to a 4 GB I-Ram drive on z:)

How can I control power schemes for individual hard drives? Is there software other then Microsofts, that can manage these options?

Please and thank you in advance for any answers provided.
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  1. I believe that if you go to your power options and then go to advanced power settings, you can then play around with the hard drive power options, i.e. when they shut off, etc...
  2. buwish said:
    I believe that if you go to your power options and then go to advanced power settings, you can then play around with the hard drive power options, i.e. when they shut off, etc...

    Incorrect. There are no options there under advanced power management to control individual hard drives, Only a Blanket option to set a scheme to ALL hard drives. Maybe i'm not explaining myself properly, English fails here, with no thanks to the nondescript terminology offered by Microsoft for such things.

    I don't want all my hard drives to apply to the same power-save time. I want C:, and Z:, to always be ON regardless of inactivity, and E:,F:,G:,H:,I:,J: to power off after 30 min inactivity.

    Please investigate your answers more thoroughly next time, that or blame my inaccuracy to explain my question in enough detail.

    This question remains unanswered.
    I still need help. Thank you.
  3. I too am looking for an answer to this.
    It doesn't make sense treating all hard drives the same, yet the Windows power interface does just that.
    Perhaps there are registry hacks and/or 3rd party software that can achieve the goal of controlling drives individually.
    If I find an answer, I'll post back.
  4. merwinspawn said:
    ~If I find an answer, I'll post back.

    Please do. The only solution to this problem that seems available presently, is to start using Ubuntu Linux. :p

    I'm still waiting for better answers to become apparent.

  5. Up to this point, I've been unable to find a solution.
    I was trying out a utility called HDDScan which has a UI that purports to set the Power Managerment setting (Spin Down time) for any individual drive attached to the system (if the drive supports such a thing - which all drives these days should), however, it did not work with several of the disk drives with which I tried it.
    My goal was to build a system that used as few watts as possible, however, given that the drive I am trying to shut down uses about 5 watts at idle, and the system in total uses 65 watts, being able to shut it off is not a significant power saver.
    So I give up for now.
    If I had a few more drives I could shut down, then I'd keep searching, but the other drives in my test system are RAID5 and should never be shut down.
  6. I'm also looking into this.. it seems linux is becoming increasingly better and more stable than windows, sometimes even using wine.. now that steam is on linux i may switch back to debian.
  7. I don't think it's possible in XP. Microsoft probably never expected people to have more than a couple drives in their system and TB's of data. Remember, XP is over 10 years old. If a service pack or update hasn't fixed this by now, they never will.
  8. True and Microsoft will end support for Windows XP SP3 and Office 2003 on April 8th, 2014.
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