Heatsink for dp55wg chipset

guys .........

i`m building a new system with i5 750......... my choice of mobo-gpu combos are dp55wg and 5850 ......... asus p7p55d pro and 5770.......... i asked the question here and got favourable towards the first ........... then i noticed there is no heatsink for the chipsets for voltage regulating transistors........ how important are they??? can i add them later ????
if yes recommend a few..............

thanks in advance
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  1. Not necessary.

    I have the Asus Sabertooth 55i which has a similar motherboard layout to the Asus P7P55D. Mine doesn't have the heatsinks either. Works fine.

    Here are links to technical reviews of the P7P55D:




  2. sabretooth has a heatsink near the cpu socket ........... you can remove them/?? and what do you think of a dp55wg???? how is no. of phases of power important??
  3. The Sabertooth 55i and the P7P55d have two long narrow heatsinks near cpu. Those two heatsinks are for the mosfets. Mosfets are the transistors for the voltage regulation circuit. There are more components in the voltage regulation circuit. The components are located around the cpu socket. Those components do not have heatsinks.

    Here is a link to a very good tutorial about voltage regulation at Hardware Secrets:


    The heatsinks on the mosfets can be removed. They are usually fastened with simple push-pins. I did not remove the heatsinks. I think there was a misunderstanding about voltage regulation.

    I am not familiar with the Intel DP55WG motherboard. Here is a link to a technical review at xbitlabs:


    The importance of the number of phases is in the hardware secrets tutorial I linked to.
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