Barracuda XT SATA III Vs WD Raptor SATA II

I’m in a debate came across an Asus U3S6 PCIe bridge card as there rilly cheap & you get a $30 mail in rebate. So I herd from a friend that the current sata 6 disk drives are not that much faster than current SATA 2 hard drives so should I get a SATA3 disk or a SATA 2 WD Raptor which I here is amazingly fast and I here roomers on the net that hard drive manufacturers are Like WD & Seagate are making and testing drives at 22,000 22,500 & 30,000 RPMs to fight back on the speed that SSD’s offer What are your thoughts.
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  1. Right now the problem with most sata iii hdds is that they are unable to fully saturate the 6GB/s (well, not can sata ii, but you get the point). I have a V. Raptor in my machine (without RAID or anything) and it is pretty quick on sata ii. Depending on what you plan on doing with your set up, I don't think it will matter much what you go with. If I were you I'd shoot for the sata iii-barracuda in the sense that you'll be able to get a quicker hdd when they start to come out.
  2. I see your point I was going to get an Adaptec 8X SAS PCIe card and I settled for an Asus U3S6 on the fact the its Plx chip will give one device full speed but 2 hard drives or one usb3.0 external drive will over run PCIe Plx chip's bandwidth and kill the cards performance but it was allot cheaper than the 8x SAS LOL I thought the SAS adapter would be cheap and the drive expensive but both are expensive I originally want a 15kRPM SAS drive for its performance but OWELL.

    what I would like to see is Benchmarks comparing the WD Raptor SATA2 drive against the Seagate Barracuda XT SATA 3 drive if anyone ells has come across a site with these benchmarks let me know about it. Because SAS is not in my budget LOL
    but based on what I have read I'm still Leaning towards the Raptor till the higher spin speed make’s the SATA 3 Port Popular and it transfer rate superior to SATA2 Unless there is a Hard drive that is affordable and uses the SATA 3 interface And out Performs the SATA 2 & the Seagate Barracuda XT SATA3 drive that at this moment is not Living up to its expectations but a step in the right direction non the less I am more interested in the WD Raptor at the moment unless I have over looked something which is what this form is about so let me know if there’s a faster drive with higher capacities of 150GB or more under $225 that is very fast and uses SATA 2 Or SATA3 that I can Consider and pleas if U have come across a web site with benchmarks comparing these drives send me the link thanks.
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