New build, strange first boot problems

Just bought a radeon 4870 and an ASUS P5Q (P45) Mobo to upgrade from a 7950gt and an ASUS P5NSLI (nforce 570i). I set up everything witht the new card and mobo and when i powered on, i got no beep and no video, but everything spinning. Along with that, when i tried to power off by press and hold, i got nothing, and had to switch off by the power supply. There were also occasions where the gpu fan was quite loud. Tried using the 7950gt and no change. Then i tried using the old board with the 4870 and i was good, everything working. So i'm guessing something is wrong with my new board, or there is something i'm doing wrong with it. I was also wondering if it could be my power supply. Its an MSI turbostream 460W, and according to one partiular review, its not a very good power supply. I'm looking to replace it, but i cant just yet. The power supply is working well with the old board and 4870 though, for now. So, just asking what could be the possible problems... faulty mobo, poor psu, maybe something i need to know about this specific board. These are my spces:

4870 / 7950gt
2GB DDR2 667MHz ram
MSI turbostream 460W psu

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  1. Possibly the board is not recognizing your RAM. Unless you have a case speaker connected to the header, you won't get beeps.

    You need to replace that PSU as soon as you can. It's probably a very inferior unit that could damage parts. I see very little on it, but what I do see makes me think it's one of the worst. Surprised MSI would put their brand on it.
  2. Case speaker and power buttons are connected properly, currently using the ram on my old board, and it is fully compatible with the new board.

    I agree with you on replacing the psu, unfortunately, i wouln't be getting a replacement until december (OCZ GameXStream 600W).

    What I don't really understand is why the system wouldn't shut down when i press and hold, given that the connectors are correctly placed, i'm guessing it is something to do with the power supply, which btw is currently working with the old board.

    I'm guessing either that or faulty mobo.
  3. Our simply a bad case switch.
  4. Case switch is currently working with the old mobo. Thing is, everything is working with the old mobo. So all i can assume is that the shutdown problem is due to the psu not working properly with the new mobo, or just a faulty mobo, though i doubt that.
  5. Of all things, the problem was the RAM, my final upgrade came in last, so i figured i would use the old ddr2 667mhz for the time being. I tried it with the new 800mhz when i got it and it worked.
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