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Hi people,

I need to tap into some vast knowledge and experience beyond my own. I very recently purchased a Corsair P256 SSD Drive in SATA, of course. I saw a lot of good reviews about it but I also read a lot of topics about how some SSD drives can have lots of failures or massive slow downs over short periods of usage.

I received my SSD by mail last night and installed it today at 4pm, it is now 9:30pm and my computer has frozen twice. The first time was during an online flash game, the screen froze and the sound freaked out a bit and went off. After waiting 2minutes I saw nothing was moving so I reboot. Now just a few minutes ago I was very excited to install and play a high caliber game with this drive, but shortly after starting a game of Need for Speed Underground, the same freeze happened.

Are there any known issues about those drives causing instabilities? It seems like everything else in my computer tower worked just fine before I installed this SSD.

Before you assume, I must specify that I installed windows 7 64bit on this SSD drive, and I have two other harddrives, regular 7200rpm types. I use them for storing files that I don't want to lose everytime I re-install windows.

AMD Phenom2 x4 3.2ghz
Asus M4N
Corsair XMS 2 800mhz 4x 2GB
XFX GTX280 (x2 SLI)
Auzentech Prelude X-Fi soundcard
Ultra X3 1000watt PSU
Corsair P256 SSD @ 256Gb
Seagate 500G 7200rpm
WD 1TB 7200rpm Caviar Black

Please Help!
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  1. where did you installed the games in HDD or SSD,
    its always better to install games & applications on HDD & use your SSD for OS alone...
  2. Yeah well the SSD would make my games faster though, and if a SSD can't handle a game without crashing it's a pretty poor product for the money you pay.

    Regardless, the problem happened while I played a flash game online which required no installation of course. The problem must not be entirely video games. I must mention though that since posting the first message I tried Need for Speed again and go a lot further in the game but it froze again. (and yes I have played the game without freezing on my last system).
  3. manojgj said:
    where did you installed the games in HDD or SSD,
    its always better to install games & applications on HDD & use your SSD for OS alone...

    mano - Thats only true if you have a small SSD. This drive is 256G which will hold the OS and programs and games and have room left over.

    senvae - An online flash game doesnt use your local drive, I find it hard to believe that would affect your system. It is using mainly memory and graphics and not much of that either.

    Run through the basics and test everything. You may have knocked something loose or it could be now is the time something decided to go bad.
    Do all of the tests - Prime95, memtest, etc...
  4. I'm down to a 3rd freeze now. I think I will make those tests you spoke of but I never used them before so I need to get familiar with them.

    This SSD apparently has a 2 year warranty so it seems like the company has put great trust in its durability. I also paid good money to make sure it wasn't one of those cheapo drives that get fried within weeks.

    I managed to play over 2hours of Need for Speed this morning, no freezing, but as I am writing this it just froze again after 30mins. It seems pretty random so far.
  5. online game also need to be cached on local disk, and the issue in not about the capacity of SSD..
    you may Google obout SSD performance issues..

    many have recommend to move even the pagefile form SSD & use magnetic disc for page files, because it need to perform read/write frequently
  6. manojgj: what you may have read is incorrect. SSDs perform a thousand times better for applications installed on SSD instead of HDD.

    If you are concerned about SSD performance, you may be talking about the bad JMicron-controlled drives.

    The idea of SSDs is that you install the OS ***AND*** installed programs; not just your OS.
  7. That is indeed what I bought the SSD for, the system OS files and the game files. I wanted to upgrade the speed of most everyday tasks on my PC, and leave the real "storage" in heavy duty form, to my 1.5TB total of additional drives. Stuff like my 80gb of music, all the movies and shows that I have on AVI or MP4 format, and also my emulators and ROMS.

    So far, besides those 3 weird freezes, everything has been lightning fast on my PC, I am very satisfied with this product. Games are very fast, almost no waiting time to load screens. Can't wait to try Crysis! Just have to install it.

    Also, this Corsair P256 doesn't work in a JMicron format from what I read in a review.
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