GigaByte GA-P35-DQ6 + E8500 = Constant Freezes

Well... I finally purchased a decent CPU, just to bang my head against the wall. According to GigaByte, I needed to update my bios to the latest (F9B) in order to support my E8500 (Stepping E0). The bios works fine, and has been very stable with my crappy P4 3.0 HyperThreading CPU. As soon I install the new CPU it constantly freezes. Usually at the bios splash screen. I can sometimes get into the bios setup, and even in windows, but it feezes very soon after. I tried using both the "Fail Safe" and "Optimized" bios options with no success. The only thing I have read with these boards, is that the auto options aren't always stable.

Can anyone recommend stable settings for this CPU? Or can think of any other issues that might causing these problems?

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  1. Post what 'optimized sets for CPU/FSB/RAM timings, and I'll look at it - try to find out what's up...

  2. Cool... thanks..

    I will post it when I get home.
  3. Always welcome...
    Another thing that will help is a little bit of info about your power supply, and cooling equipment...
  4. Here are my mobo specs:

    Video - Radeon X1050

    PSU - 330W (really need to upgrade to at least 500w)

    CPU - Intel Core 2 (E8500)

    RAM - 3x KVR400D2N3/512

    I could post all the MIT settings with the current CPU I have in it (since it doesn't freeze). Though, not sure if it will change when I install my new CPU.

    Also, I am using the Heat Sink and fan that came with my P4 HyperThreading CPU. I just couldn't get enough force to secure the one that came with the new CPU. It does have a slightly different design. Though, the old one goes on very very tight as well...I can barely get it on there. I can't imagine it is over-heating because of that... at least not that quickly. And if it was over-heating.. wouldn't the system shutdown?

    Edit - Oh yeah.. you wanted those bios settings. I will look into those and post em.
  5. Well, your thoughts about the power supply echo mine! ;=)
    Got a question about it, though - does it have an eight pin connector for the CPU aux supply plug on the MOBO? That might be the problem in a nutshell...

    Another thought:
    The only thing I have read with these boards, is that the auto options aren't always stable

    You don't need to second guess your MOBO choice - the whole 'D' family (P31/35/41/43/45&X38/48's - I have an X48DS5) of GB MOBOs are very stable, very robust, and quick; they don't usually take a lot of tuning to produce excellent results (I get 200M/S reads off my system & swap drives w/o a dedicated RAID card, and she'll 'loaf' at over 4GHz on [not the best, but thorough] air cooling); they have a couple of peculiarirties, true, like being picky about USB spec compliance - prone to causing 'reboot loops', and you don't ever want to use their @BIOS feature (unless you're in the mood for an RMA); overall, though, they are really good hardware... An occasional problem with 'defaults' has to be excused, for any motherboard - mainly due to the variance in memory response between manufacturers. You'd think there aren't that many ways to make a stick of DDR, but we're looking at timing windows of picoseconds here, and, with a little foreknowledge arming purchases, for the main part the problem manufacturers are easy to identify. Also, you've got to realize that there is enough manufacturing variance for them to sort their sticks for the ones that can run @ 1200 to sell at triple the price - if they could control the variances, it'd sure pay them well! Anyhow - once this baby is tuned, you'll love 'er again, just like it used to be... :sol:
  6. The mobo does have a 8 pin power connector on it. The 4 pin PSU connector is attached to it. There is actually a cover over the empty 4 pins. Didn't notice that, the system was built by someone else.

    Do you think that is the cause?
  7. Since I didn't pay for it.. I like it already :)

    Trying to figure out if I can even get a PSU tonight.. that has 2x12v connectors.. most have 1. Might have to pay less and wait :)
  8. Ahhh - ever the quandry - do I pay a retailer's rip-off prices NOW (and, of course, the government's piece of the action), or do I give it to NewEgg for express shipping???
  9. Heheh.. yeah.. instant gratification..

    Well.. I used the money that I save buying my CPU and Graphics card off of new egg to buy the PSU. Installing it now. I'll be sure to post again later.
  10. Looks like the problem is fixed. I actually bought some faster ram...when I changed them it worked. I guess, maybe it was a timing setting in the bios?

    At any rate, got the PSU and graphics card installed as well... off to play games :)
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