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I just built a HTPC based around hybrid graphics but can't get it to work, I'm distraught. I have a Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H, a Sapphire 3450 and Vista 64. I manually downloaded the latest CCC (8.11) and 64bit drivers for the northbridge and graphics card. I understand to activate hybrid I need to enable surroundview in BIOS. I enable surroundview but when Vista boots up the screen goes black. Windows is still running but the screen is just black. I have my monitor hooked up to my video card. I can hook my TV to the HDMI on the mobo and they both will work until windows launches, then they both go black. When I disable surroundview and boot Windows my drivers are gone. What am I doing wrong? Is there something else I need to do in BIOS? Is there something else I need to do in CCC? Am I just SOL? I would really appreciate your help, I'm pulling my hair out here.
I have a 450W PSU. More power?
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  1. surroundview does not enable hybrid crossfire. surroundview is used to add multiple monitors to the outputs of the IGP, along with the video card. just leave it disabled. to enable crossfire you need catalyst 8.4 (already have), an AMD 700 series chipset (also already have), and an applicable graphics card (guess what, already have). the confusing thing about hybrid crossfire is that it mostly comes enabled through the bios automatically. the setting to enable it is something like IGP mode or internal graphics mode. set it to UMA. that will allocate memory to the system memory for the IGP. there is no straight forward "hybrid crossfire enable" mode, so to be sure you enabled it, run a game that is very complex, with and without the UMA setting enabled. you should see a large difference.
    note: if you want to run surroundview, i believe that that also needs to have UMA enabled, since its using the IGP. so you can have hybrid crossfire and surroundview going at the same time, i believe.
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