Dumb Question & Where can I find mATX with SB750?

Ok tell me if I'm wrong but is it true that you can have amd chipsets like the 780g run Ati graphics cards but not Nvidia, Nvidia run Nvidia cards but not Ati cards, and Intel chipsets run both?

Also, I was wondering where I could find an up-to-date mATX motherboard with the 790x/gx/fx chipset specifically cause I want the SB750 and therefore acc for better overclocking. I can find 5000 articles for the GA-MA79GP-DS4H but it has been never put up for sale by Gigabyte.
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  1. Here's a DFI mATX board with the SB750: DFI LP JR 790GX-M2RS

    Here's a Biostar mATX with the SB750: BIOSTAR TA790GX XE

    You can run ATI and Nvidia cards on any chipset as long as the slot is the same (PCIe-16x).

    The only time you need to worry about matching the motherboard chipset to the video card is if you plan to do SLI or Crossfire.
  2. all chipset can run any brand in single card configuration, but AMD can only do crossfire and not SLI while nvidia do SLI but not crossfire. Intel has licenced both SLI and crossfire technology to use with their chipset. What is SLI and crossfire? Use google.

    Best way to find one is to look at shop website, like newegg, and use their search engine.
  3. Thanks, thats good news to hear because I was very interested in getting a 780g/790gx mATX motherboard (which only has one Pci-e slot anyways) but I am going to use my new computer to do cad work and I was afraid I couldn't upgrade to one of the cards in the 8800 series (sans gt) based on the G80 core which is softmoddable to a quadrofx. Little worried about the build quality of those and the DFI has a lower memory standard than I can get with a Kuma. I just wonder how important the SB750 is to overclocking.
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